Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Best (and Worst) of 2011-Deb's

Well, it's been an amazing movie year. A "New Year's Resolution" turned into one great adventure for my sister and I. I think it was a wonderful idea. Our husbands were so very supportive, willing to give up a night a week staying at home with the fam so Tiff and I could enjoy our new hobby. Granted, some of our movies were seen with others, even our hubbies and kids got in on the action. I have to say, it was one of the most fun things I have decided to do. Getting a little sentimental on you all, I have to say what I really enjoyed the most was spending time with Tiffany. You see, Tiffany is my "little" sister. She is 8 years younger than me and we spent most of our childhood at home with me being the grouchy, overbearing, controlling, older sister who never wanted her little sister to bother her. Tiff was the younger sister who followed me and my friends around begging us to let her stay, and promising she wouldn't talk or breathe, if I wouldn't send her away. By the time Tiff had grown up and I grew out of my--leave the little sister behind- mode I was gone away to college. We lived apart until she graduated from college and I had already had 2 kids. By some unforeseen, yet perfect freak of nature, we both ended up in Blue Springs MO. We have enjoyed each other like two sisters really should, sharing our family, our joys and everything in between. So you see, this adventure may seem to be all about the movies, (which it is) but more importantly it is about sharing a passion with someone I truly love and care about.

Now, on to my picks. I must say, these are MY favorites, the ones I enjoyed the most, maybe not what a critic would look for, but what I like in a movie!

. The Way - Inspirational, motivational,
. Warrior - I stand by my review, "Rocky on Steroids"
. The King's Speech - Superior Acting, intriguing story
. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Perfect pick of actors, action packed, on the edge of my seat sort of movie
. Red Riding Hood - Suspense, Love Triangles, and all the stuff a good movie is made of.
. Crazy Stupid Love - Romantic, Love, Life and Marriage
. The Debt - Great acting and storyline

. Your Highness -Natalie Portman this wasn't your brighter days
. The Hangover Part II -You should have stopped at 1.
. The Three Musketeers - Really? How could they be that bad?
. Bad Teacher - The Title should have warned us
. Jack and Jill - yep, they fell
. Midnight in Paris - Just not my thing, sorry, don't like Woody Allen
. 30 Minutes or Less - I wish it would have been

. The Help- Great job, the book was just a little better
. Justin Bieber:Never say Never- Pretty amazing story of stardom-plus I loved watching my 8 year old at this one!
. African Cats- Great photography, Loved the nature
. J. Edgar- Kind of bizarre, but good in a weird sort of way
. Contagion - pretty interesting

So..There you have it! Would love to hear your thoughts


  1. HI Deb, and Tiffany,

    I loved what you said about being together, that is so awesome that you live near each other and could spend 1 night a week, at least, together. Yay!!

    I only saw The Help and The King's speech out of all these listed here, movie going isn't a priority, but I loved them and I loved reading your reviews. I really want to rent "The Way" when it is available.

    Love you two!

    Cousin Carla

  2. Ahh, thanks Deb. I feel the same way. It's been so much fun doing this with you. I'm glad we can continue. Thanks Carla for following!

  3. Oh and Deb you threw a couple surprises in your lists. Great lists.

  4. Carla- Thanks! It has been fun and I am glad you got to see a good movie you wouldn't have through our recommendations. Definately see "The Way".