Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 53: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Everytime I see or say "Dragon" I think of my nephew and his little giggle. Tiff and I are from Montana, we say "dragon" sounds like dregon, vs dragon..anyway, I know I say the title of this movie wrong for all my fellow friends of the world, but those from Montana probably would hear it the "right" way!

So, I didn't read the book. Usually I do, but this time the movie came out before I could get to the book, and I decided to be surprised. I was very pleasantly surprised! I loved this movie, and felt we couldn't have ended on much better of a note!

I don't think I will go into the details too much, except to say, it's a suspense mystery type of movie with a great story line and good development of characters. Daniel Craig was perfect for the role. I couldn't help but kind of feel like I was watching a James Bond movie, and actually it kind of sort a was. Rooney Mara did an amazing job. I was really intrigued with her, and think I may actually pick up the second and third book because I really want to know where her character goes from here.

The Chemistry of Daniel and Rooney was really quite cool. I did have a little bit of a cringe because she seemed so much younger than him, but all it all it wasn't too weird.

All I really have to say is...go see it! It's a great man or woman movie! (Not so much a kid movie though, lots of sex and violence.)

The year is done! Can we really stop seeing movies? I doubt it. We will be posting our 2011 favorites, and then figuring out what 2012 brings. Love to hear your comments on our movie filled year! Thanks for the adventure, and guess what! I accomplished my New Years Resolution!! YEA!!!

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