Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 22: The Hangover Part II

Over Memorial Day weekend we went and saw The Hangover Part II.  I'll admit that I didn't see the first one.  I usually don't do that but I figured I wouldn't really be missing out on the plot line by not seeing the original.  I think I was right but it did make me want to see the first one.  I hear it was better.

One thing that made this particular movie fun was the ambiance.  We went with my brother and sister-in-law and a bunch of her family to a theater downtown that had the studio suites that served food and had big reclining chairs.  It was pretty cool.  We decided we'll have to go back with our spouses next time and get better seats. (We were in the first row.  Not ideal.) 

But the movie itself...I thought it was pretty good.  Not hilarious though.  I actually thought it was more shocking then funny.  It reminded me a lot of that movie with Cameron Diaz called Very Bad Things.  Do you remember that one?  About a bachelor party that went bad.  Sort of black humor kind of movie.  I thought The Hangover Part II was funnier but sort of along the same lines. 

I thought all the actors were good.  Zach Galifianakis was probably the best.  But Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms were really good in this kind of comedy too.  Oh and Ken Jeong who played Mr. Chow was good. 

Remember that this is the kind of movie you probably don't want to go with your parents or grandparents.  It wasn't overly sexual (I thought Black Swan was way more sexual) but it was crude with a lot of nudity.  Male nudity at that.  Frontal male nudity.  You don't see a lot of that in movies.  Overall I thought this movie was decent but can imagine that the first one was a lot better.  And not as many laugh out loud moments as you might think.

To Sum it up: Vulgar, good comedic characters but falls a little short of belly laughing humor.  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 21: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I really enjoyed this week's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  I have seen the three previous ones and this one fell in the middle.  I don't think the first one can be beat.  The first one was really funny.  Johnny Depp's character was so good.  And the rest of the casting was perfect.  How can you not love Orlando Bloom?  The second and third ones weren't barely as funny or impressionable.  Now I thought the fourth one was much better then the second and third but it still can't beat the first. 

Adding Penelope Cruz to the cast was perfect.  She really had good chemistry with Johnny Depp.  And Johnny Depp...I really don't think anyone else could play Jack Sparrow better.  Unlike Deb, I tend to like Johnny Depp's movies.  I think you either love him or hate him.  I love him.  Even in all his weirdness.  I thought the mermaids added a good twist to the plot too. 

This was a very entertaining and humorous movie.  Not as good as the first but still good nonetheless.  And it had the magic that always comes with a Disney movie. 

To Sum it up: Perfect casting, a good amount of laughs and a little something only Johnny Depp can bring.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 21: Pirates of the Caribbean 4

This week we went to "Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides", starring Johnny Depp, and Penelope Cruz. I haven't seen any of the 3 previous "Pirates" movies, but was told it didn't matter.. and it didn't. The story line may have had a few references to the previous movies, but I didn't feel lost, or that I was missing some great detail.

I was shockingly surprised how much I liked this movie. Johnny Depp is often an "ify" actor for me, Penelope Cruz is as well...but I really liked them in this movie. The movie was extremely entertaining, and had a lot of funny parts. The story line stayed active, as did the supporting actors.

I was also quite impressed with all the supporting roles, and how well the story line all fit together. I guess I never really had an interest in seeing the movies, but think I will try and watch the previous 3 now.

Short and sweet this week. But all in all a great movie to go see to enjoy your afternoon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 20: Bridesmaids

Man, talk about being late this week.  As Deb said, we saw Bridesmaids for week 20.  I didn't have quite as many expectations going into this movie as Deb did.  First of all, I didn't get to see Hangover so I wasn't really comparing it to anything.  Mainly, I just wanted to get a good laugh.  And I got it. 

When you go to these types of movies there is always a chance that all the funny parts are in the previews.  I felt like a lot of the funny parts were in the previews but there were still some waiting on the sidelines.  It seems like it's been a long time since I've been to a movie that's made me laugh out loud.  This one had a few scenes that made me tear up I was laughing so hard.  It felt good.

I liked all the characters in the movie but I have to agree with Deb that Melissa McCarthy's character really stole the show.  She played one of the bridesmaids and she was hilarious.  I remember her from a small part in The Back-up Plan and she made me laugh out loud in that too.

The main character was played by Kristen Wiig and I think she was a good fit.  She's a Saturday Night Live'r so she has that comedy background which was obvious but she had a sincere quality about her too.  Surprisingly the movie had a touching side and she played the part well.  Because of this I think it would definitely fit the bill for a chick flick.  It had just enough relationship stuff going on that it wasn't just a straight up comedy. 

To Sum it up: Funny, just barely over the top and a teenie tug on your heart strings. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 20: Bridesmaids

So this week we went to the show "Bridesmaids". This movie was suppose to be the girl version of The Hangover", according to some reviews. This movie followed a similar premise, a girl getting married, her bridemaids, and all the things that happen before the wedding, the shower, the dress picking out, the engagement party, a bridemaids dinner...ect.... The story is actually told about the maid of honor, and follows her life during the ordeal.

Well, the main character is from Saturday Night Live, Kristin Wiig. She did a good job in this role, kind of quirky, yet a good fit for the part. The person who made the movie though was, Melissa McCarthy her character cracked me up!

I was thinking about how this compared to "The Hangover" after I got home. I don't think it was as funny, because with this movie they had to put too much emotional, love story type stuff in it....ya know, make it a chick flick. I was ready for hard core comedy. The movie was funny, but not as funny as I wanted it to be. I felt like some of the hype was over played and the previews sort of told the funny parts...i hate when all the funny parts are given away in the previews.

I guess I just was hoping for hilarious, and ended up with funny. Really no one was exceptionally note worthy, they all did well with their parts. Its a good movie to take a friend to. I have to say, my husband really wanted to go because he liked the hangover sooooo much. He couldn't go with us, and I told him when we got home..."you would have been disappointed so be glad you didn't spend the money" REally not a guy film in my opinion.

All in all, an okay movie, made me laugh, but had higher expectations. Maybe hangover 2 will hit the spot! See you next week.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 19: Something Borrowed

Well, this week we saw another book/movie. I have read the books (its actually the first of 2) and Tiff hasn't so I imagine our reviews will be quite different...maybe.

The movie is based on the premise that there are 2 best friends, Kate Hudson plays Darcy and Ginnifer Goodwin the other best friend, Rachel. Rachel ends up having an affair with Darcy's fiance. The fiance (and ex law school friend of Rachel) played by Colin Egglesfeld. Also John Krasinski plays Ethan, a friend who has been a friend with the girls their whole lives.

I waiver back and forth about how I feel about the movie. Here is the deal. I know the "WHOLE" story because I read the books. The movie just didnt get the whole story. The movie left out some key developments of the the friends' history that makes you realize Rachel is not the bad guy... The movie didn't play it that way. Some key points are missing and in the end of the movie you find yourself feeling sorry for Darcy. Believe me, if you read the book your feelings won't be so black and white. However, since this is a movie blog, I guess I can't fairly judge it by the book.

As far as no brainer, chick flicks it was a decent movie. Romance, conflict, humor...all that jazz. But, again, I wasn't sort of bummed out. Kate and Ginnifer did an excellent job in their roles. I actually feel like they fit the book wonderfully. Ethan was perfect, although his role in the movie was actually a combination of two different characters in the book. Colin Egglesfeld fit the handsome fiance role, although I felt his passion wasn't up to par. Also, I have to mention Steve Howey, who played Marcus. He did great, but the movie really downplayed his role in the story and unfortunely it didn't do him justice.

I think this is a good rental movie...not worth $10 or more for the depth and quality. As I think I mentioned before....read the book, it will be much more worth your while.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 19: Something Borrowed

So, what to say about Something Borrowed.  First of all, let me give you a little histroy.  This movie was based on a book.  That book was written by Emily Griffin.  Now, I haven't read the book but I was planning on it before we went and saw the movie.  Problem was I listened to another one of her books on tape when me and my sister drove back from Montana not too long ago.  Turns out I don't like her style of writing all that well and I didn't like the story line.  All of that added to my thoughts of this movie.

I have no beef with the actors in this movie.  You have Kate Hudson doing what she does best, Ginnifer Goodwin playing the "I don't think I'm good enough" role which worked and Colin Egglesfield as the super hot fiance/love interest.  Oh, and you have John Krasinski as the best friend.  I think they all fit the bill.  And it had funny parts and was generally entertaining but probably only in a chick flick way. 

Here is my beef with this movie.  It jumped out as a movie that was a book first and didn't have enough details.  Since I didn't read the book I felt like there were parts I was missing or background information that would have been helpful to know.  Also, I didn't like the story line.  Call me a romantic or purist or something but I don't like stories about people who cheat on other people (especially when it's your best friend's fiance).  My question would be, "Are you really best friends?".  And my other thought would be if you can't help it then be upfront right away and deal with the consequences.  And who really has a best friend who is so utterly selfish that there is no give and take?

So really my issue is with the book not the movie.  Even though I didn't read the book.  Go figure.  Unfortunately the movie was based on a book that I probably wouldn't have liked.  Take that how you will.  Bad thing is, there is a second book therefore a second movie and I'll probably have to see it just to see how it all works out.  Now, Deb has read all the books so she will have a little different take I'm sure. 

To Sum it up: Fitting actors, quasi-funny but awful story line for this product of a broken marriage.