Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014: Bonus: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie

Genre: Animation

Main Players: Voices of: Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Chris Pratt

General Gist: An "average" Lego is mistaken for a master building in hopes of saving Lego Land from tyrant, Lord Business.

Tiff's Take:
We took our now nine year old son to this for his birthday along with nine other boys and a tag along sister.  Are we crazy or what? 

My son is a huge Lego fan whether it is a toy, video game or movie.  Always has been.  So this was a no brainer for his birthday party which happened to be around the same time this came out.  Perfect. 

As an adult, this movie was great.  It was funny and fast moving which is always good when your watching a movie for the sake of your kids.  I thought it was pretty clever too.  I liked how the ending really tied everything together.  Really well done.

From a kid standpoint, my son and his friends seemed to love it.  It kept all of their attention throughout the whole thing.  That's a success right there.  As for my almost six year old daughter, it was a hit too.  I will say that having an older brother makes her used to "boyish" type things.  And she loves going to movies no matter what they are.  She usually enjoys the popcorn more than anything.  But if you have only girls in your family who are much more interested in princesses I could see how this would be a little boring for them.  But our whole family enjoyed this show immensely.       
Tiff's Rate: Friday Night

Preview: Going to a movie tonight.  I think we missed out on seeing any more Oscar nominations so just a normal ole movie will have to do.

Monday, February 24, 2014

2014: Week 8: Endless Love

Endless Love

Genre: Drama, Romance

Main Players: Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Wilde, Bruce Greenwood, Joely Richardson

General Gist: The love story of a girl and boy who fall in love the summer after high school, and a father who doesn't believe in their romance.

Deb's Take: 
All I could think about while watching this movies was.."This is like a Taylor Swift song put into a 2 hour production".  That being said, I guess it depends on your opinion of Taylor Swift and her songs.  This movie was definitely a high school, "Footloose", "Dirty Dancing" for this generation type of movie.  Although, it won't be iconic like those movies from the 80's. 

This movie is all about young love.  I did get the feel of that desperate, young, first love.  The storyline was pretty black and white, two young lovers, a father who thinks the boy isn't good enough for his daughter, a mother who fights to make the father realize young love is real, etc. etc...You know, like a Taylor Swift song.  Now don't get me wrong, I am a Taylor Swift song lover.  I like young love, I love the emotion, the passion, the newness.  This movie didn't really do it for me though.  All the main characters played their parts well.  It's just that it played too much like an after school special (am I dating myself there?).  I think it was trying to be like "Footloose" or "Dirty Dancing", but it missed the mark by a long shot.   I guess all I can say is it was sweet, but lacking.

Deb's Rate: Rent it

Tiff's Take:
We saw Winter's Tale right before this movie and that was sort of disappointing as far as love stories go.  So I was hoping that this one would be a little better although to be honest I didn't really have any high hopes.  But I think it exceeded my expectations (however low they may have started).

This movie was completely predictable and we've seen a variation of it a hundred times.  There were also things about it that just didn't seem likely.  However, the chemistry that was lacking from last week's movie was not lacking in this one.  I felt the emotions a lot more.  And I was more drawn into this relationship.  Sure it seemed a little immature but I'm a sucker for young love.

By no means did I think this movie was fantastic but I also didn't hate it.  But I do love Taylor Swift songs so there you go.    
Tiff's Rate: Matinee

Preview: Bonus review for The Lego Movie.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014: Week 7: Winter's Tale

Winter's Tale

Genre: Drama

Main Players: Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Will Smith, William Hurt

General Gist: A man thinks he finds his destiny only to become immortal in search of his true destiny.  (yes it's sort of confusing)

Tiff's Take:
So this is why Lady Sybil left Downton Abbey.  I have to say, I miss her on the show.  She was one of my favorite characters.  But I'm glad she's broadening her horizon.  However, if I'm going to be honest here I think she should have stuck to Downton Abbey.  Don't get me wrong, I thought she did well in this movie but I don't think this movie helped her out in any way.

When I saw the preview for this, I thought it would be a delightful chick flick.  I was hoping for a great love story.  Extra fluffy and heart wrenching.  The kind my husband would rather die than see.  But it wasn't exactly that for me.  First of all, I don't think there was much chemistry between Findlay and Farrell.  I really didn't believe the "love at first sight" business between them.  I didn't love Colin Farrell in this and I really didn't love his haircut.  Russell Crowe's character was a little strange and threw a little twist in the seemingly normal love story.  Not sure I loved him either.

Besides the actors and the acting, the concept behind the story could have worked but I felt like it just wasn't executed well.  It seemed to outlandish when it could have been more believable if done right.  I will say though there were a few really touching moments that surprised me.  So much so that I teared up.  But it just wasn't enough to make it a great movie for me.  Mediocre at best.              

Tiff's Rate: Rent It

Deb's Take:  
I'm with Tiff on this one.  I was really thinking that this movie was going to be a perfect sort of love story.  I was disappointed. The concept was great!  Then they added a mystical flying horse, an immortal gangster, and Lucifer.  The mix just was wrong. I either like real or fantasy, I don't like a mix.

I do like Findlay and Farrell in this.  I like love stories, I just wish this one would have had a more real feel.  I don't think any of the actors did exceptional, and I think any liking of the characters was mostly because I liked the actors themselves.  This was definitely one of those movies that I was hyped to see and then was disappointed I went.  I'm itching for a good love story so hope I find something soon!

Deb's Rate: Rent It

Preview:  Going to an Oscar rating movie.  Not sure which one though

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014: Week 6: Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

Genre: Biography, Action, Drama

Main Players: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster

General Gist: The true story of four Navy SEALs on a mission in Afghanistan

Deb's Take: 
This movie is another movie that is also a book.  I didn't get to read the book before I watched the movie, my husband did and said the book was quite an amazing story.  Following the movie he mentioned that there were some "emotions" that he felt were lost in the movie that the book captured.  The movie and book both brought tears to his eyes, my husband cries infrequently.  (A small snip-it from another source.)

This movie was outstanding.  I think the story was probably why the movie was so good, but to take this story and allow you to really feel like you are in the middle of this mission was accomplished.  I think the actors did magnificent, however, I think kudos must go to the writer and director, Peter Berg.  The movie was intense, the stunts were phenomenal, and the emotions were surreal.  I think a movie like this makes people like me,  unpolitical and quite sheltered, open my eyes and heart.  I am also so grateful that there are cultures in the world like the Pashtun culture. 

Thank you to the men and women who serve.  Thank you to their families for loving them and letting them go, and thank you to those who fight and return and share their stories of bravery, lose a part of themselves and sacrifice for someone else.  Go see this movie, it will make you appreciate your life.

Deb's Rate: Opening Night

Tiff's Take:
I got to see this movie with my husband too.  This was one of the few ones he was looking forward to see.  For someone who doesn't go to movies very often, this was a good one for him to go to.  He was not disappointed.

I didn't read this book either but my dad was reading it over Thanksgiving and could not put it down so I'm sure it's well worth the read.  However, this movie was not lacking anything in my mind.  I didn't feel like I was missing parts that were in the book that maybe didn't make it to the screen.  I'm sure there were but this movie was just so good that it didn't matter.

With the title, you have an idea that maybe only one person is going to make it out.  That did not take away from the story or progression though.  This was such an intense, white knuckle kind of movie.  I don't think I breathed until it was over.  And so very well done and acted. 

This is the kind of movie that reminds us "normal" folks what it takes to protect our country and what people sacrifice for it and us.  Man am I thankful for those people.  I left this movie feeling very patriotic and proud of all the people who serve in the military.  This movie pulls those feelings right out of you.

Tiff's Rate: Opening Night

Preview:  We have a couple options for this week.  Possibly a love story for Valentine's Day or an Oscar nominated one we didn't see last year.