Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Sisters Giveaway

Month one is done on our quest to see a movie a week. We've been having a great time going to all these movies. And it gives us purpose to review them here on Two Sisters. We hope you've been enjoying the average person's take.

But we figure if you want to have a legitimate blog you have to have giveaways right? So I guess that's what we'll do. We decided for our first (and hopefully not last) giveaway to give one of our lucky readers a movie gift basket. It will be filled with candy, popcorn and a $10 gift card to Blockbusters. Nothing major but something fun to start us off.

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post. Say whatever you want. You could tell us what your favorite movie of all time is, what the worst movie you ever saw was or what's the most times you've seen the same movie in the theater. (You don't want to know how many times I saw Titanic in the movie theater. Really, you don't. It's embarrassing.) Whatever it is, just shout it out.

Only one comment per person please. But, if you're a follower you can post another comment letting us know and you'll get a second entry in the giveaway.

So comment away. We'll pick the winner after our next review so stay tuned!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 5: True Grit

This week was True Grit. I'll admit that this movie wasn't one I was super excited to see. I heard it was good but it seemed like it might be boring. Westerns really aren't my thing. Well, I'm sure glad I was very pleasantly surprised. One thing I will say though is it was a little graphic so it's probably best if you don't have a weak stomach when you go to this movie.

Jeff Bridges was perfect for the role of Rooster Cogburn. I couldn't imagine a better person to play that role. He was so convincing as a drunk that there were times I honestly couldn't understand what he was saying.

Hailee Steinfeld was really good as well. I thought at first that I would get annoyed with her know it all attitude and proper english but she really grew on me. She, also, was perfect in that role.

Somehow I forgot or didn't realize Matt Damon was in this movie. I'm a huge Matt Damon fan and generally like most movies he's in. I loved him in this one. I don't think anyone can pull off that kind of "serious" humor like Matt Damon. Him and Jeff Bridges really played off each other well.

Overall, wonderful movie and I can now see what all the hype is about. And best of all we got to go with our hubbies this week. That's always a treat.

To Sum it up: witty, gritty and a little gory.

Week 5:True Grit

This one is for you H.C.!

Okay, so I must start this post off with a disclaimer. I have never been a fan of westerns. I don't usually go to them, don't really like to read them, and have very little experience watching them. This week we decided to take our hubbies with us, and decided a more "manly" movie would be a good choice. it goes.

I was extremely impressed with Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld. Jeff Bridges was amazing in his role. He never seemed to break character at all, and totally believable as a drunken, marshall. He made me laugh, cridge, and feel a little sad, all as I was suppose to be. Hailee Steinfeld was really amazing as a 14 year old actor (as well as her character being 14). I found myself forgetting she was only 14, which was the point of the movie, I believe. She was living past her years. Her ability to capture the character and take the bull by the horns was amazing as an upcoming teen star. I look forward to seeing her abilities in other films.

Matt Damon's character was goofy. Maybe that was really what he was suppose to be, but as a cowboy/marshall, I didn't buy it. He is one of my favorite actors too! Didn't do it for me this time.

The movie moved a little slow for me in the beginning, I think the last 40 minutes was the best part, but I think setting up the stage and getting to that part was slow. There was too much dialogue that seemed unnecessary. Some of it did set up a "feel" for the characters, but thought it was a little much.

All in all, I could see how the actors received their nominations... I was impressed, as a Western, I think it was a little slow, even for a non-western fan. I have to say, it was about 3.5 popcorn kernels and a 5 kernel scale.

Check back in day or two! We have big things happening this week at two sisters and a movie (ok, maybe not the oscar's big, but big for two Montana girls!)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 4: No Strings Attached

First off, would like to thank my two friends Shelley and Leslie (cousin/friend) for attending the movie with us this week! Glad you could come. Tiff and I welcome anyone who wishes to enjoy our journey with us to come to the movies!

The best way I can describe this movie is light-hearted and fun! I don't think I have ever really watched a movie with Ashton Kutcher (not that I can remember really paying attention to him at least). His character was likeable. As for Natalie Portman, it was a far difference from Black Swan, of course, and she did a good job playing the "hard to break" girl. I had a difficult time believing their relationship for about 1/2 of the movie. Suppose that could be what the writers were trying to portray since they were simply "bed buddies", but I didn't feel like they had a strong chemistry, didn't get the feeling they were really in love at any point of the movie.

I liked the humor of the supporting actors, except wasn't really impressed with the father/son story line. Seemed like it was sort of weak and didn't really support the story too much. I wish some of the other realtionships would have been more developed as well.

I guess as I am writing this I realize this was one of those no brainer, simply light hearted, have a few good laughs kind of movie with little depth. I wouldn't say it was bad, just decent. A good girl's night out kind of show.

Short and to the point this week! See you next week.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 4: No Strings Attached

So we're now on week 4 of our little "project". We saw No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. Another Natalie Portman movie in one month. Again, I can't say that she disappointed me. Both her and Ashton were really good and had great chemistry together. It was a light, fun movie. It was just your classic romantic comedy. It had funny moments, touching moments and lovey moments. It was pretty predictable but entertaining nonetheless.

As far as the story goes, like I said it was pretty predictable. Although, I wish they would have gone into a little more detail about why Natalie's character had such a commitment issue. But I guess the whole point in these kinds of movies is to keep it light. And it was.

I always forget how much I like Ashton Kutcher. In my mind I think he's an okay actor and a good looking guy but nothing special. When I see him in a movie I realize he's a really decent actor and really pretty hot. Because of a lot of sex scenes you get to see a lot of him too. So that's nice.

I really enjoyed the supporting actors too. Mindy Kaling (from The Office) and Jake Johnson (who played one of Ashton's friends) were really funny. There were really a lot of laugh out loud moments. It was a pretty vocal audience and you could tell everyone was enjoying it.

To sum it up: funny, predictable and plenty of eye candy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 3: The King's Speech

WOW! What a great 3rd week, I am so happy this ended up being our choice. This movie did "it" wonderfully for me. I enjoyed every minute, never felt as if the movie was dragging, needed to speed up or slow down, or that I wanted it to be over. I was impressed with the "cinematology" ( don't know if I am using that word correctly or not). The way the camera captured the backgrounds, the people and their emotions and expressions, the buildings. The actors did a fantastic job and I really felt the connection I am always looking for.

I enjoyed the history that was captured. I am enthralled with the life of royalty and the history. Knowing as little as I do, the film seemed to capture the rules, and attitudes of the family. Most impressive was watching the true humanity of a king being laid out with no barriers, reminding us that even though he was royalty, he didn't feel royal.

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush worked so well together. They demonstrated and portrayed a unique and deeply touching friendship. I enjoyed both characters. Colin Firth did a wonderful job with a difficult speech impediment. He made it seem very real.

Helena Bonham Carter was great too! She was quite entertaining, yet was very dedicated and showed again, the humanity behind what I think many people see as a guarded family. She made the role seem so natural.

I highly recommend seeing this movie. I felt it played like a book...great detail, wonderful character development and outstanding presentation. I hope it wins some good awards!

Kudos to Tiff for suggesting it this week! I think we may actually agree on our views :)

Overall: Rather extrodinary (said with a English accent!)

See you next week!

Week 3: The King's Speech

This week we opted for a movie that has been out a little while. And boy am I glad we did. Wow. What a movie. The King's Speech was right up my alley in almost every way. I love all things British, historical (not American though ironically) and anything about a royal family. The whole subject fascinates me. I didn't realize going into the movie that it was set in the 30's and 40's. (I said I like history, not that I know much about it.) Another point in it's favor. Even if the movie was bad I think I still would have liked it. Luckily, it was not bad at all. It was actually really great. I will be rooting for it when the award shows come up.

This movie wasn't full of action or progressed very fast at all but everything about it made me want to keep watching. First of all, Colin Firth did a wonderful job. I'm not sure I've seen him in many movies that weren't comedies. He was so believable. And let me say Helena Bonham Carter was equally good. She doesn't normally play a role that's so understated. Actually, she usually does the opposite. She sure pulled this one off well. At the end of the movie I actually had to hold back tears after his speech and it gave me goose bumps. Again, wow.

After the movie let out I realized that me and Deb were probably the youngest ones in the theater. It made me think that if my niece had gone with us she would have agonized about sitting through the most boring movie of her whole life. But I have to say that it was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I'm so glad we saw this instead of The Green Hornet or The Dilemma.

To sum it up: wonderfully acted, touching and the makes of an award winner.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 2: Country Strong

Call me the sappy, soap opera, bon bon queen. This movie reminded me again of my tendencies toward relationship sagas of america. I often feel if I was driven only by my Id I would be the mother sitting at home in my oversized pj's, eating peanut M&M's, watching the soap operas unfold into tangled relationships of make believe. I know they aren't real, but I find myself getting caught up in the impossible relationships. I fall into the industries wonderful trap. So..this film satisfied my desire for the tangled relationship web.

I have decided that one of the funnest parts of writing a review after I go to a movie is I feel compelled to look up the actors history and am intrigued by their "true" life. SO....on to the movie

I was surprisingly impressed with Gwyneth Paltrow's performance. I do like her as an actress, but was a little skeptical of her ability to portray a country singer. So she was no Shania Twain, but she did a good job. I forget how impressed I am with her dramatic appearances, and I did like her honest feel of struggle with who she thought she was and who she wanted to be.

Tim McGraw has impressed me since he started into acting some years back. I thought he did a great job in this movie. He does tend to play similar roles, in each movie...father, husband, solid character, but I like what he does, it seems honest.

Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester fit their parts well. Garrett's deep voice was definately a solid country voice. Garrett played the strong, silent, mysterious character that I am drawn to. Not to mention he has a killer smile..what a charmer. Leighton as a young country star wanna be nothing too special but fit the part. She had a nice voice too, kinda Taylor Swifty

I am also a fan of movies that have music, so this one was a bonus. The songs were definately the story telling kind.

My favorite quote from the movie "Don't be afraid to fall in love, it's the only thing that matters in life"

Bottom line: Nothing to intense, sappy love story, satisfied my obsession with relationships.

Week 2: Country Strong

So this week was Country Strong. I really had mixed feelings going into this movie. First of all, I love love love Gwyneth Paltrow. She has been my favorite actress since around the time she was in Shakespeare in Love. She can basically do no wrong in my book. But, on the other hand, I was really having a hard time picturing her as a country singer. It just didn't fit. So I was having this internal debate before I even went into the theater. Turns out...she wasn't a believable country singer to me. *gasp* Did I just say that?? I swear I didn't mean it, Gwyneth.

But it wasn't just Gwyneth Paltrow not doing country well that didn't do it for me. It was the whole thing. I think Deb and I are probably going to have different opinions on this one.

Let me back up first. It sounds like I really disliked this movie but I didn't. It was entertaining and all the actors were generally good. Actually I think the supporting actors were the best. Leighton Meester who played the up and coming singer and Garret Hedlund who played the other guy really stole the show. Although I still think that the only actor, Tim McGraw, who could have obviously pulled off country didn't really have to "do" country which was a shame.

But when it comes down to it, overall I thought the story line was weak. I had a hard time connecting to the characters and the relationships didn't really pull me in. It focused on four main characters who sort of had these intertwining relationships. The problem was I didn't believe any of them. The movie started in the middle of a story already in process so I felt like I couldn't really connect right off the bat. And when the characters switched from one person to another I didn't really feel any emotion towards it.

So, yeah, I was a little disappointed but that could have come from my own biases before the movie even started. I probably didn't give it a chance.

To sum this movie up: A little slow, a little detached and just okay.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 1: Black Swan

Let the adventure begin! First movie of 2011.

Okay, so thillers are not necessarily my favorite type of movie. I am a "star-crossed lover" fanatic. However, it's a new year, with a new resolution, and considering I am doing this once a week I decided I better expand my viewing preferences.

Natalie Portman, and Mila Kunis(thanks Tiff for looking her up) did a good job. I found myself a little frustrated with Natalie's character at times, as she always seemed on the verge of tears and i wanted more passion than sheepishness. I was suprised to see Winona Ryder. I didn't catch who she was until I had seen a couple of her scenes. Hadn't seen her in a while, but she did a good job.

I was not sitting next to my mom during the sex scenes, but I am sure she wanted to slide under the chair since Tiff was. I have to say to all those men who were dragged to an artsy, ballet movie, someone was looking out for your best interest as well.

I was impressed with the intensity of the ballet dancers and their dedication. I have a new found understanding of my poor daughter's feet in her pointe shoes.

Vincent Cassel was not an actor I had remembered seeing (yes, I had to look him up as well) but I think I was more impressed with his character than Portman's.

Of course due to the nature of a psychological thriller, I tried to predict the ending. Was way off this time, but I like when I am thrown, so I feel like the writers had to work for their pay.

All in all, not a bad movie. I jumped in the right places, cringed when I needed to and held my breath thinking the worse.

Probably the biggest downfall was the woman in the theatre who was so embarrassed during the sex scenes her nervous laugh made me wish she would have attended the 5:00 showing.

See ya next week!!

Week 1: Black Swan

So, this is the first week of our year of reviews. I can't think of a better way to start the new year than with a movie.

The movie we decided to see tonight was Black Swan. I'm a big Natalie Portman fan so I was excited about this one. And it didn't disappoint. It was a lot more sexual then I thought it was going to be which was fine but a little uncomfortable when you're sitting next to your mom. There was even a part that made me blush. I guess it got it's intended effect.

This movie was also considered a thriller. When I was younger I use to love to go to movies that were a little scary. I've gotten out of that phase mainly because I tend to freak myself out way too much after the fact. Well, this movie wasn't necessarily a scary movie but it did have it's moments. I have to admit there were a few times when I had to watch through squinted, half-closed eyes. But I'm a wimp so take that how you will.

Like I said, I'm a Natalie Portman fan so I'm slightly bias but I thought she was really good. Mila Kunis, who played Lily was good too. I looked her up afterwards cause I couldn't remember where I've seen her before and it was from That 70's Show. Totally different role for her and she did it well.

Overall, great movie. Words to sum it up: sexual, intense and a little artsy.