Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012: Week 25: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Main Players: Steve Carell, Keira Knightley

General Gist:  The journey of two people during their last days as an asteroid is set to hit earth.

Tiff's Take:
Deb's on vacation and apparently doesn't have good movie choices in our little hometown so you just get me this week.  And I'll tell you right now I won't suggest that Deb goes to this some other time.  Not worth it.  Even if it's free.

I had highish hopes for this movie.  It didn't get a lot of press but I though it had potential to be a good one.  With Steve Carell I thought it would have some good comedy and with the story line I thought it would have a good serious side as well.  Boy was I wrong.  There were practically no funny parts and the movie just kept dragging on and on.  It was brutal.  I don't usually dislike a movie quite so much even if it's a little boring but there was absolutely nothing about this one that worked for me.

Steve Carell's character didn't really have any funny parts and his serious nature got old real quick.  Keira Knightley was okay if not slightly annoying.  Together they had zero chemistry.  It seemed like an odd match.  To top everything off, this was the movie I chose to take my not so movie going husband to.  I'm never going to live this one down. 

If I was the type of person to walk out of a movie this one would have made me do it.       
Tiff's Rate: Don't Bother.  Seriously just don't bother.

Preview:  Magic Mike.  Bring on the men!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012: Week 24: Brave


Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Main Players: Voices of Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson

General Gist:  A princess chooses the spell of a witch in order to change her fate.  She must then undo the damage to bring peace back to her Kingdom

Deb's Take:
Another free screening.  We were able to take our boys along for this one.  My son reported  "Good comedy and action"  (he's 11 for reference.)  I have to agree with him.  Although the story line of this movie is pretty much the same as many Disney movies,  I think I enjoyed this one most because I am intrigued with Scotland (I am currently reading the "Outlander" series) and also love the castles, knights, kings, queens etc.  This movie was funny, as kids' movies tend to be, and had a lot of action.  The animation was captivating. At times I forgot I was watching a cartoon.  I would definitely recommend this for your kids.  I do wonder if maybe it's more for a slightly older child. (7 and up) vs the real young ones, a few scary parts and possibly a little long..but my kids are older now so hard for me to tell.

Deb's Rate:  Friday Night

Tiff's Take:
This movie was mainly for the kids' sake but I genuinely thought it looked good from the previews.  We went to a free screening (yay!) and had some good mother son bonding time.  From an adult's perspective I would say this was a pretty good one to have to sit through with your kids.  Also, I was a little surprised that it had a twist in the story line that was a little unexpected for me.  So, at least for me, it wasn't quite as predictable as most Disney movies.  I thought the characters were fun and I really enjoyed it.

From my son's perspective it was a hit as well.  My son's younger than Deb's (he's 7) so it sometimes takes more to keep him interested but this one kept his attention the whole time.  He was also laughing through it so that's always a good sign.  On top of it all he was dogged tired from his day and he still managed to enjoy it with no complaining.  I say it was a success.  I do agree with Deb though, if you're child is much younger than my son you might reconsider taking them.  I think there would have been parts that would have spooked my 4 year old.
Tiff's Rate: Friday Night

Preview:  Montana bound for Deb...We may have to do separate movies this week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

2012: Week 23: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Main Players: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron

General Gist:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with a twist.

Tiff's Take:
This week we saw another take on Snow White.  Mirror Mirror was another version that came out this year.  These two are so different you can't even compare them.  Mirror Mirror was more fanciful and fun and this one was not.  Even though it did have a definite magical aspect it was more serious.

I liked the idea of this version.  The more "real life" story behind Snow White.  But I just don't think it quite delivered.  I feel like it should have been better.  I would have liked more out of Stewart's Snow White character.  She hardly talked at all throughout the whole movie.  I also would have liked more out of Kristen Stewart herself.  I really want to like her but she just falls a little short in a lot of the things she does.  Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron on the other hand were fantastic.  Charlize Theron played evil perfectly.  And I've decided Chris Hemsworth is my new Brad Pitt.  I love him. 

So am I saying don't see it?  Not necessarily but don't expect to much out of it.  I know a lot of people are not fans of Kristen Stewart's acting.  If you are one of those people she will probably ruin the show for you.  (My dear sweet sister-in-law, if you are reading this I'm talking to you.)       

Tiff's Rate: Matinee 

Deb's Take: 
Mom surprised us with a visit this week so we got to see this movie with her and my 15 year old.  Always nice to have other people around and get their views too!

Well, I know I am in the minority of the 4 of us who attended this movie.  I really liked it!  I love fairy tales of course, although this one wasn't so much about the fairy tale.  This version of Snow White didn't focus so much on "true love" or the dwarfs.  The main storyline was more of a focus on the evil queen and the direct conflict with Snow White.  Charlize Theron plays the queen in the version.  Man, she was good.  I think she did an excellent job.  Chris Hemsworth is someone I have been seeing more and more lately, he did really good too!  Granted, I think he always plays sort of the tough guy, save the day, warrior type..but he is good at it.  Kristen Stewart was sort of the downfall of this movie, to me.  There is something about her looks, her demeanor that just didn't fit this role.  She always looks sort of scared and vulnerable, in this movie her character was suppose to be tough and a leader.  I just don't think she can pull that off real well. 

I enjoyed the action and adventure in this movie, and it seemed fast paced to me.  I liked this version.  Also, very well rated.  PG-13 appropriate.  It may not be a winner all around, but it was for me!

Deb's Rate:  Friday Night

Preview: A lot of vacation time coming up.  Hoping for a pre-screening in our future.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2012: Week 22: Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

Genre: Musical, Comedy, Drama

Main Players: Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Malin Akerman, Paul Giamatti

General Gist:  A musical set in the late 80's about a girl from a small Oklahoma town who moves to Hollywood to live her dream of becoming a singer. 

Tiff's Take:
Let's just state the facts here.  I'm a product of the 90's.  I'm not a huge fan of musicals.  (Remember my Joyful Noise review?)  So you can imagine what I might think of this movie.  Well, you can bet you're wrong.  What an interesting little turn of events.  

I was prepared to be slightly entertained but cringing at the style, music, etc. the whole time.  The first scene starts out with a cheesy little rendition on a bus.  Let the cringing begin.  But after I got through the initial shock of watching a musical it all went up hill from there.  First of all, I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed all the songs.  Even though I did most of my growing up years in the 90's I was familiar with 80's music.  So I obviously knew all the songs.  In the movie, let's just say they were so fun.  The way they were put into the scenes were great.  And I think because I am not a product of the 80's I dug the way they poked at the 80's just a little between the more serious stuff. 

As far as the actors, I thoroughly enjoyed Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand.  I love their sense of humor.  Catherin Zeta-Jones was great.  Malin Akerman was great.  Tom Cruise surprisingly worked for me.  His over exaggeration of a slightly washed out 80's rock idol was spot on.  Again, I think I liked the way they poked fun.  Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta were okay, nothing special, but didn't ruin it for me definitely. 

I thought this movie was a good mix of serious/humor/making fun of and overall a fun movie to watch.  Who would have thought?  Now what did my 80's loving sister think?  Ha!   

Tiff's Rate: Friday Night (I'm actually shocked I'm writing that!)

Deb's Take: 
I am a product of the 80's.  I love 80's music, I still listen to 80's music (to my children's demise) I work out to 80's music, I have so many memories when I hear those 80's tunes.  So, I loved loved loved the music in this movie.  It was sort of difficult hearing a different voice to these songs as the actors sang the music, but all in all they did well.  As far as the movie itself, I am a little on the fence. I know it was suppose to be a spoofy type movie, and it was, but they threw in a relationship that was a little too serious with Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta.  I just didn't like the blend of "Let's do overkill on the 80's" and "now lets add this somewhat serious yet cheesy relationship".  That wasn't the kicker though, I just did not like Tom Cruise in his role.  Man, he drove me crazy.  He is not Rock Star material.  I didn't even like him in his role if they were trying to make him look dumb and bad, it was distracting to me. 

On the flip side, I think Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand were hilarious.  Stupid funny of course.  Also, like I mentioned I liked the music.  I liked especially how they played on the music, pitting two songs against each other at times.  Now, remember this is the pop rock of the 80's, so don't expect some out of control 80's flashback of best music, just the stuff that always came on the radio. 

So do I sound committed one way or another?  Ha, that was just the kind of movie it was.

Deb's Rate: Ok, I will give it Friday night. And considering it probably opens on a Friday night, you might as well go.

Preview: There's a good chance we'll be seeing Snow White and the Huntsman.  Has anyone seen it yet?