Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012: Week 4: One for the Money

One for the Money

Genre: Action, Comedy

Main Players: Katherine Heigl, Jason O'Mara, Daniel Sunjata, Sherri Shepherd, Debbie Reynolds, John Leguizamo

General Gist: Story of a woman who is down on her luck, lack of job and money, so she goes to work for her cousin as a bounty hunter. No, she knows nothing about the job and has no experience. This is the first movie from a series of 18 books.

Deb's Take:
I will say, I love these books. Although I am currently behind by 2 books. I had to sit down and really think about the first book a little bit, after watching the movie. I mildly recall my mom and sister really being excited about this series and after reading the first one I thought is was okay, but didn't know what all they hype was about. I think it was about book 3 that I was totally hooked. So, I think this movie left me feeling sort of the same way, but it makes sense. The movie is sort of a "set-up" movie for more to come. The movie was short (took me back to the days of movies being MAYBE 90 minutes.) I was prepared to be underwhelmed with the acting because I am very sold on the book characters. I was bummed when I heard Katherine Heigl was playing Stephanie Plum. I was pleasantly surprised, she did well. Really all the characters did good, they fell into their parts pretty decently. I think my only true disappointment was Ranger. I just feel Ranger is a super "bad ass" kind of guy and Daniel Sunjata didn't make me feel that way. He was too "cute" with his dimple and he talked too much. I know, it sounds sort of weird, but read the books and you'll understand..I think. Overall, the movie was a good set-up movie, but I really am looking forward to what else they are going to do with the movies in the future. You have got to see Lula in her true light, and feel the Morelli, Ranger, Stephanie sexual tension. Read the books! (you may win them if you entered our give away) I guarantee you will be hooked with the books, the movie...the verdict is still out on that.

Tiff's Take:
I would say my thought of this movie was pretty similar to Deb.  The books are really easy, fun reads and I can totally see them being a movie or TV series.  (Actually TV more than movie but that's just my opinion)  So I wasn't too surprised to see this one come out. 

Like Deb, I was disappointed in the casting.  I really didn't think Katherine Heigl could pull it off.  And I totally had Morelli and Ranger's characters different in my head.  (Stephanie more Jersey, Morelli better looking, Ranger more muscular and Grandma Mazur a lot older) But I thought all of them did a pretty darn good job.

Don't get me wrong.  This was no award winning movie but it was a fun, thinkless type of movie.  It did a lot of setting up the characters but the books the same way too.  If they decide to do more movies (and I'm not convinced they will) I think they will get better with each one. 

We'll be posting the winner to the giveaway next!

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