Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 41: Footloose

Last week we went to another pre-screening.  Free movies are cool.  We saw the remake of Footloose.  I was a little younger than Deb when the original came out so I probably don't remember it to the extent that she does.  I wasn't in my teenage years yet so it didn't stick with me quite as much but of course it was a well known movie of my youth.  I mean who didn't see Footloose?  (Except maybe Russ.  I'm not sure he even saw all the Star Wars movies when they came out. *gasp*) 

Like Deb said, they pretty much stuck to the original concept in almost every way except just to give it an updated feel and maybe a little more ethnicity.  As a remake, I think it worked just fine.  All the actors they chose were good.  I totally agree that the dancing was on a much higher caliber this go around.  Although I do think random acts of dancing in a movie must have been more acceptable and less cheesy then they are now.  Taking out frustration and aggression against the man by dancing in a warehouse by yourself was uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing to me.  I don't remember feeling like that when I saw the original.  It all just seemed way cool back then.  I guess that's the difference from being 7 versus 33.    

Julianne Hough was cute and perfect for her role as was Kenny Wormald.  Ditto for Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell.  Overall the casting was good and the movie was fun and entertaining.  I don't think anything will compare to the original but do they ever? 

To Sum it up: Good cast, fun dancing and overall entertaining.

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