Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 42: The Ides of March

For week 42 we went and saw The Ides of March. I'll be honest.  This easily could have been a movie I overlooked.  Political movies aren't really by favorite.  But I heard it was good and nothing else was really jumping out us.

The story is about a presidential campaign and the "workings" behind it.  The main character, Stephen, played by Ryan Gosling is sort of the PR brains behind a campaign for a presidential hopeful played by George Clooney.  He's young and dedicated to the candidate but finds trouble along the way and gets to see how things really work.  This movie gave a very interesting perspective into politics.  I always wonder why a politician can't stick to their views and beliefs and just do what they think is right.  This movie gives a glimpse into why it seems like it is never possible.  There are too many ulterior motives behind everything.  And I thought it was funny that of all the things going on in this movie the one thing that gets the guy in trouble is a woman.  What is it about men who just can't resist temptation even when there is so much at stake?  I'll never understand that. 

As far as the movie itself, it was a little slow moving.  I felt like 80% of the movie was building up to this climax and then when the climax hit the movie was over.  It was a little strange.  Although, that being said, it wasn't a bad movie.  It was interesting but it wasn't super exciting.  As far as acting, Ryan Gosling did a terrific job.  The movie was basically all about him.  Everyone else was just support.  Even George Clooney. 

To Sum it up: Lots of dynamics, a different way to view politics but a little slow going.

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