Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 48: My Week with Marilyn

While all the family was here for Thanksgiving we went and saw My Week with Marilyn down at the Cinema Suites downtown.  So much fun going there.  And it was Russ' first time and he thought it was pretty cool.  He decided he wants to see the new Mission Impossible there.

So, on to the movie.  Let me tell ya.  Deb and I have really been struggling these past couple weeks on what movies to see.  There really hasn't been a whole lot of good stuff coming out.  Hopefully the last few weeks in December will be better.  Luckily this movie worked with our schedule and was a movie no one else in our family had seen. 

The movie was really more about a guy, Colin played by Eddie Redmayne, who worked on one of Marilyn Monroe's movies and his interaction with her during that time.  Marilyn is played by Michelle Williams.  I'll be honest, other than the blonde hair I didn't think she would fit the part.  Marilyn is so curvy and sexual and Michelle Williams just isn't.  But I think she did a fantastic job.  Now, I'm not an expert on all things Marilyn Monroe but from my limited knowledge of her I think Williams portrayed her well. 

I really thought Eddie Redmayne did a great job as well.  There were some other well known actors in this movie.  Kenneth Branagh, Julia Ormond, Judi Dench and Emma Watson had a small role.  It was good to see Emma in something besides Harry Potter.  Just to see how she was.  And she was good.

The storyline was interesting as well.  It was about an assistant director who gets chummy and ends up falling in love with Marilyn over this short period of time.  It was interesting to see what the life of a star might look like.  And how easily infatuated a "normal" person might get with them. 

Overall, I liked this movie and thought it had great acting.  I heard Michelle Williams might be considered for an Oscar for this role.  We'll see.

To Sum it up: Well acted, charming characters and interesting look at stardom.

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