Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 48: My Week With Marilyn

Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Usually this time of year movies are all over the place and as my family often comes to visit Tiff and I for Thanksgiving, we go to several movies over the week. For some reason this year, the movies are few and far between. However, we found this one, and wanted to share the AMC Cinema Suite experience with everyone.

This movie chronicles a week following a man named Colin Clark, played by Eddie Redmayne, who happens upon a job as the 3rd assistant director in the taping of a film with Marilyn Monroe, played by Michelle Williams. The movie is based on a book, by Colin Clark, and is a true story (from Colin's perspective of course.)

The movie really didn't have a lot of depth. I think the movie really captured the "craziness" that is so often rumored of Marilyn Monroe's personality. I have no idea how true this really is, of course it is just one man's opinion, but my guess it Marilyn was sort of off her rocker just a little bit. She seemed to have some issues with mental illness, as well as addiction. I have never really seen anything about Marilyn and her life. I guess I expected a little craziness, but man this movie made her seem a little more than just crazy.

As far as the movie itself, I think Michelle Williams did an amazing job. From the few clips I have seen of Marilyn Monroe, I have to say Michelle did great. Her voice was especially convincing. Eddie Redmayne did okay. I wasn't overly impressed. However, one of the best performances was by Judi Dench. I always like her characters. She just seems so natural in her roles, and this movie was no different.

Overall this movie wasn't that great, it really wasn't Cinema Suite worthy, but if you like Marilyn Monroe, and want to see someones perspective of her life, this would be a good renter.

See you next week.

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