Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 3: The King's Speech

WOW! What a great 3rd week, I am so happy this ended up being our choice. This movie did "it" wonderfully for me. I enjoyed every minute, never felt as if the movie was dragging, needed to speed up or slow down, or that I wanted it to be over. I was impressed with the "cinematology" ( don't know if I am using that word correctly or not). The way the camera captured the backgrounds, the people and their emotions and expressions, the buildings. The actors did a fantastic job and I really felt the connection I am always looking for.

I enjoyed the history that was captured. I am enthralled with the life of royalty and the history. Knowing as little as I do, the film seemed to capture the rules, and attitudes of the family. Most impressive was watching the true humanity of a king being laid out with no barriers, reminding us that even though he was royalty, he didn't feel royal.

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush worked so well together. They demonstrated and portrayed a unique and deeply touching friendship. I enjoyed both characters. Colin Firth did a wonderful job with a difficult speech impediment. He made it seem very real.

Helena Bonham Carter was great too! She was quite entertaining, yet was very dedicated and showed again, the humanity behind what I think many people see as a guarded family. She made the role seem so natural.

I highly recommend seeing this movie. I felt it played like a book...great detail, wonderful character development and outstanding presentation. I hope it wins some good awards!

Kudos to Tiff for suggesting it this week! I think we may actually agree on our views :)

Overall: Rather extrodinary (said with a English accent!)

See you next week!

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  1. I saw this movie earlier this week and LOVED it! I really enjoy Colin Firth, pretty much all the time. I'm also kind of an Anglophile so this was a great movie for me. I would totally see it again.