Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 4: No Strings Attached

First off, would like to thank my two friends Shelley and Leslie (cousin/friend) for attending the movie with us this week! Glad you could come. Tiff and I welcome anyone who wishes to enjoy our journey with us to come to the movies!

The best way I can describe this movie is light-hearted and fun! I don't think I have ever really watched a movie with Ashton Kutcher (not that I can remember really paying attention to him at least). His character was likeable. As for Natalie Portman, it was a far difference from Black Swan, of course, and she did a good job playing the "hard to break" girl. I had a difficult time believing their relationship for about 1/2 of the movie. Suppose that could be what the writers were trying to portray since they were simply "bed buddies", but I didn't feel like they had a strong chemistry, didn't get the feeling they were really in love at any point of the movie.

I liked the humor of the supporting actors, except wasn't really impressed with the father/son story line. Seemed like it was sort of weak and didn't really support the story too much. I wish some of the other realtionships would have been more developed as well.

I guess as I am writing this I realize this was one of those no brainer, simply light hearted, have a few good laughs kind of movie with little depth. I wouldn't say it was bad, just decent. A good girl's night out kind of show.

Short and to the point this week! See you next week.


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