Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012: Week 34: Hit & Run

Hit & Run

Genre: Comedy, Action

Main Players: Dax Shepard, Kristin Bell, Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold

General Gist: An ex-con, who is in a witness protection program, comes out of hiding to help his girlfriend get a job.  They are then chased by his former gang of thieves. 

Deb's Take:
A little set up here.  I watch “Parenthood” , the weekly T.V. series.  I absolutely love the character “Crosby”, played by Dax Shepard.  I hadn’t heard much about this movie, but noticed he was starring in it and thought it looked good enough.   If that wasn’t enough, there was a long long list of cameo performances in this movie, along with a list of just darn right funny people.  I mentioned to Tiff, that following the movie I thought maybe Dax (who also wrote and directed the film) must have just started calling up all his buddies and asking them to play in his movie.  (I looked it up…I was right).  His fiancĂ© (girlfriend, wife, not sure what they officially are) Kristen Bell played opposite him, and..of course it worked.  Duh, they are a couple and they didn’t have to pretend.  Then you have this crazy list of actors you never expect to see..Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper, Jason Bateman, Joy Bryant (plays Dax’s wife on “Parenthood”), Beau Bridges, and Sean Hayes.  AND…on top of those actors, there were some I didn’t know that cracked me up!
Ok, so as far as the movie…it was pretty much, fast cars, crude/rude humor and roll your eyes stupid funny. The movie covers only a couple day time period, and is pretty much just a car chase.  There is a little relationship stuff, a little nudity, although not the kind you might expect, and a lot of stupid laughs.   Exactly what appears to be expected from Dax Shepard.  ( I didn’t realize he used to play on “Punk’d”)  This movie is not intended to challenge any part of your brain, but rather to allow your brain to fall into the depths of pure jelliness (I am not sure what other word to use).  That being said, if you are in the mood, and not easily offended, go and enjoy yourself with a male friend, he will thank you for the offer.  It is a guys movie, but one this sister really enjoyed.
Deb's Rate: Friday Night

Tiff's Take:
Russ and I use to see Dax Shepard on Punk'd and think he was hilarious.  So it's no surprise I thought this movie was funny beings that it was written and directed by him.  I wish Russ had seen this one with me though.  I think he would have liked it even more than me.  Here's why.  Even though this has a relationship aspect to it, it really is coming from the viewpoint of a man.  Not too mushy and not necessarily the main focus.  Also, cars and driving cars are a big part of this movie too.  Russ would have eaten this up.  I definitely couldn't appreciate it like he would have.  And of course it was funny with some really funny actors.  There were a lot of great cameos. 

My only beef with this movie was that it was a little choppy.  It wasn't quite as fluid as I thought it should be.  I'm not sure if this was the first movie he directed but it sort of felt like it.  But still enjoyable and surprisingly sweet in parts.  I loved all the actors and thought that the chemistry between Dax and Kristen was great.  I always thought they seemed like an odd couple in real life but after seeing this movie I can see how it works. 

Tiff's Rate: Matinee (but on the Friday Night side of Matinee)

Preview: Prescreening of "Pitch Perfect", (no it's not a baseball movie)

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