Friday, January 10, 2014

2014: Week 2: Her


Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Main Players: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, voice of Scarlett Johansson

General Gist:  A man develops a relationship with his personal operating system.  No seriously.  That's really what it's about.

Deb's Take:
I walked out of this movie quite torn.  I am a sucker for romance and drama, but this movie pushed the whole idea to the limit.  The movie was just bizarre.  I have two thoughts that keep running through my mind.  Either the movie was suppose to enlighten us about the overtaking of media and computers and how we are loosing connection with reality.  Or, we are to be enlightened by the ability for emotions to take on any shape or form and that underneath it all, we just want to feel loved.  I suppose maybe it wasn't either of those, but that's what I took from it.

Joaquin Phoenix plays some pretty quirky characters, and this movie was no exception.  He is always right on the edge of crazy to me, and he did it again.  He was wonderful in this movie, don't get me wrong, but wonderful and crazy fell pretty close together in this one.  Amy Adams had a minor role, but did it well.  Scarlett Johansson was just the voice of the computer, I guess I didn't really feel a connection with her because she wasn't "materialized".  Another hmmm moment.

Although I think this movie taught some good lessons, and will make you think twice about life, love and relationships, I guess I'm a sucker for the old fashioned romance.

Deb's Rate:  Rent It.
Tiff's Take:
I felt like I entered bizarro world the minute I sat down for this movie.  We saw this at the Alamo Draft House downtown and for their previews they had these weird retro clips about computers but with a sexual twist.  I'm sure it was just because of what the movie itself was about but it made me feel strange.  And the movie hadn't even started.

I knew this wouldn't be just a normal love story with Joaquin Phoenix as the main guy.  It wasn't.  It was set in what appeared to be a futuristic LA maybe?  But not so futuristic that it didn't seem realistic.  But, apparently in the future everyone will be awkward.  Almost like awkward is the new black.  Everyone was awkward and it was perfectly normal.  Is that really what we're destined to become?!

So in a nutshell, Joaquin's character is trying to get over a bad marriage and falls in love with, for all intents and purposes, a computer.  They go on dates and have sex and all the normal stuff a couple does except one half of the relationship doesn't actually have a body.  I will say though, after you get over the crazy (or maybe not so crazy) concept, it really felt like they just had a long distance relationship where they never got to see each other.  If you thought of it that way it was sort of a sweet story.  Unlike Deb, Scarlett Johansson as the voice of the computer, made me connect with the whole idea a little better.

But the bland colors, unfashionable hair and wool slacks that sat way too high on their waists reminded you that this is not a conventional story and maybe too far out there.          

Tiff's Rate: Matinee.  Can't get over the odd feeling it leaves you with to give it a higher rating.

Preview:  Taking one for the kids..."The Nut Job"

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