Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Season Movies: A Quick Summary

We're back!

We took a little break in 2013, but we decided we really missed our weekly movies. We didn't like being out of the loop.  Mostly, we missed the time we spent together going to the movies. So here we are.

Before our first official review for 2014, we thought we'd give you a little breakdown of the movies we saw over the holidays.  There were some good ones in there we think are worth mentioning.  Five movies in less than a month. Guess we are coming back with a bang!

Deb:  This movie was the best Princess Disney movie I have seen in a very long time.  The music was superb, the concept was different and it was about sisters!! I would give this one an Opening Day review.  You and your kids will love it.

Tiff:  I really liked this movie too but the beginning story line was a little rushed and weak.  From an adult standpoint.  My kids however, loved it.  I liked the idea that true love wasn't just a romantic concept.   I give this one a Friday Night rating.

Saving Mr. Banks:
Deb: So different than what I thought it was going to be. I love a true story.  This one made me want to go out and buy the Mary Poppins Series.  Great acting.  (not necessarily a kid movie, they would probably get bored.) Friday Night at its best.

Tiff:  This was definitely a deeper movie than what you think you're getting into.  Very well done and acted.  Agree with Deb, not a good kids movie.  Definitely worth a Friday Night.

The Wolf of Wall Street:
Deb: WOW, WOW and WOW.  Pushing movies to their limit in more ways than one.  I did really love it! Great Acting, Crazy out of control story.  (Lots of nudity, sex and drugs so be aware).  Friday Night Rating from me.

Tiff:  This movie was dirty and wrong but so very good.  Lots of sex, lots of drugs and more than a  little uncomfortableness.  Make sure you go with an appropriate companion.  Leo was really great in this.  I give this an Opening Night.  

American Hustle:
Deb:  Think 70's at its height.  Great job with setting the stage, costumes and personalities.  The movie did get a little long for me, the story was lengthy but I never guessed how it would end.  Matinee

Tiff:  Didn't get to see this one.  Maybe I can check it out on Netflix someday.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:
Deb:  This one was Quirky at best.  I have a hard time with movies that push the limit on reality.  This one did, but the relationship was endearing and the message was positive.  Great Rental     

Tiff:  Didn't get to see this one either.  Wasn't super interested.  I guess I'm fine with missing this one.

What movies did you see over the holiday that you think are worth mentioning?

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