Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 47: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

WEEK 47?!?!? We only have 5 weeks left!..I am thinking this tradition will have to continue in 2012.

SO...the ever awaited "Breaking Dawn" was our show for the week. We luckily didn't have to wait until 12:01 to see it, but got in on the Stubs reward showing at 8:00 instead. It was crazy, there were 5 or so screens showing it at the AMC. Guess there is always a way around the 12:01 release huh?

So, I think I liked this movie the best, which is crazy because I liked this book the least. I am pure Jacob, 100%. I actually saw an awesome tee-shirt last night that read "Team Jacob, because real men don't sparkle" LOL I want that shirt!

Anyway, back to the movie. There were a few things that I felt made this movie better. 1.) I feel like the actors are getting better at acting. I watched the first 3 movies again before I watched this one. The maturity of the actors is showing through, and I feel like they just did a better job. 2.) I liked that the interaction between the wolves is more apparent in this movie. You get a better feel of the way they communicate and their connection with each other. 3.) Some of the personalities of the vampires come through better. 4.) I liked that the movie took more time to focus on the first half of the book since it was split up into two separate movies. I think that kept some of the story alive and didn't cause the makers to have to pull some of the important parts. I will re-state though, the book is where you will get it all.

We were amazed at how many "older" ---meaning not teenager,-- woman there were at the movie. I don't think the books were meant to target that population, but looking at the audience, I would have swore the book was wrote for the 30-50 year old, female population. I decided it must be our need for the teenage romance aspect of life. Our longing for the good old days, then of course, in high school I didn't have two hot looking boys fighting over me, so maybe it was our teenage dream!

Not much else to say, don't really feel I need to rehash the story. If you like the Twilight Series you won't be disappointed...

P.S. Stay following the credits or you will miss one of the connecting scenes.

See you next week! Looking forward to the start of the Holiday movie sweeps.

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