Monday, July 16, 2012

2012: Week 28: The Intouchables

The Intouchables

Genre: Drama

Main Players: Francois Cluzet, Omar Sy, Anne Le Ny, Audrey Fleurot,

General Gist: After an accident that causes him to become a paraplegic, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects as his caretaker.

Deb's Take: 
For those of you readers who may not know too much personal information about me, I am an Occupational Therapist.  (No that doesn’t mean I will find you a job).  My interest in this movie came from that fact.  Also, it is based on a true story, another high interest fact for me.

This movie was in French and subtitled.  I have never been to a movie with subtitles before, (I am not truly schooled in foreign films.)  I was a little worried because I am such an emotional movie watcher.  I am like the pitcher in “For the Love of the Game.”  Everything around me fades away and I am privately immersed in the film.  Thinking I was going to have to read subtitles while trying to immerse was questionable.  I found over time that the movie wasn’t too hard to get into even with reading the dialogue.  I was slightly distracted but all in all wasn’t too bad. 
I loved the story behind this movie.  The idea of seeing how two men,  from very different lifestyles, became friends and were able to influence each other so greatly.  I liked that the story was down to earth.  I liked that the movie reminded us that injury is not about pity, but rather life is life no matter what form or fashion it takes.  The movie had some good funny parts, but mostly it was just a meek story telling script.  I think that was maybe it’s only down fall, or maybe my downfall from being Americanized.  In the United States our movies are becoming bigger and bigger, more glitz, more glam..this movie was simple, yet the message was powerful.  There really wasn’t a lot of “acting” in my eyes.  The drama wasn’t there.  The movie kind of reminded me of “The Way”(you will remember one of my favorites from 2011.)  It was a good movie, but don't expect a lot of edge of your seat, high climax sort of stuff. 
Deb's Rate: Matinee

Tiff's Take:
I too was a little concerned about the subtitles with this one.  At first I found myself noticing having to look down to read them but by the end of the movie I didn't even realize I was doing it.  So don't let that scare you off from seeing this movie.
As Deb said, this movie definitely was not your typical Hollywood bigger is better movie.  Deb said that this was a downfall for her.  In my opinion, this was a reason I liked it so well.  Don't get me wrong.  I love big, hyped up movies.  I admit it.  I do.  But, I also love movies that are off the grid.  A little different.  A little artsy.  And I guess a little foreign.  There's something refreshing about it every once in a while.

The two main actors, Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy, were fantastic and had great chemistry.  They're sort of an unlikely pair that worked so well together.  The story itself was real.  Again, just like Deb said, it was simple yet powerful.  The lack of "drama" really added to the real factor for me.  What can I say, I loved it.              

Tiff's Rate: Friday Night or Opening Day??  Why not...Opening Day.

Preview: We're thinking a popcorn giveaway and yet another bonus review. 

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