Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012: Bonus Review: Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

Genre: Drama

Main Players: Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

General Gist: Set in the late19th century Russia, a high society, married woman starts having an affair with a much wanted bachelor changing her life dramatically.

Deb's Take: 
What a unique movie. The first scene immediately set up a whole different vibe for the film.  Sort of a part play/part movie.  Just a neat concept.  As far as the movie itself.  The acting was pretty amazing. Keira and Jude are so good at their roles.  Jude Law was most impressive to me, as it seems he can play so many different types of characters and make them all very believable. 

The other thing about this movie was that it was the typical love triangle.  My Romeo and Juliet side was very satisfied.  The whole web of deception, drama, and love was adequately weaved into a horrid mess.  Why do I like movies like that?.....Anyway, I think this movie was well done, had some great characters and followed a good storyline.  We almost missed seeing this one, and I am glad we didn't!

Deb's Rate: Opening Night

Tiff's Take:
What a great way to end the year!  Seriously, we couldn't have picked a better one to finish with.  In my opinion anyway.  I knew when I first saw the preview for this that it was right up my alley and I had to see it.  But with the way things worked out we were a little late in the game at actually seeing it.  Boy am I glad we made it work though.

I'm not sure what to point out first.  I really loved everything about it.  It was one of those movies that when I start watching it I can tell right away that I'm going to love it and never want it to end.  Does that happen to any of you?  It was artsy and unique.  It was made as if it was on the set of a play in parts then a movie in other scenes.  Really well done.  Jude Law was fantastically middle aged and ordinary.  (Is that really possible?)  Keira Knightley was wonderfully torn and heartbroken.  Ahhh.  Made my heart go pitter pat.

I realize this kind of movie may not be for everyone but for me it was definitely one of the best of the year.  Easily.     

Tiff's Rate: Opening Night

Preview:  Finally!  All our reviews are up for 2012!  Now Best and Worst of 2012 to come with maybe a little giveaway in between.

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