Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012: Bonus Review: This is 40

This is 40

Genre:  Comedy

Main Players: Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow, Melissa McCarthy

General Gist: Sequel (of sorts) to the movie "Knocked up".  This follows the life of the married couple, Pete and Debbie, (from "Knocked Up") as they enter their 40's.

Deb's Take: 
I am trying to remember this couple from "Knocked Up" as I remember finding that movie so hilarious.  I guess I will have to watch it again though, because this couple doesn't stick out to me as well as I would like.  I am sure if I watched a few scenes my memory would come back...but maybe not, considering I am over 40.

This movie was a movie my husband and I knew we couldn't miss.  I am fighting my 40's, my husband is embracing his (or maybe just not fighting as hard as me).  First off, I love Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.  They crack me up, and together even more. Second, this movie hit home soooo many times I sort of felt like maybe my husband wrote to the writers and told them a little about our life, then I decided...we are not alone.  (Big Breath, if a movie is so closely related to our lives, tons of people must be going through what we go through and we are not crazy)  Movies that I can relate to on a funny level are great.  I did love that about this movie.

The movie wasn't 100% amazing though, again with the whole "disconnected" thing.  I felt like the movie didn't really flow.  For example, I thought like a month had passed, and it was only a weekend.  I felt like their marriage was sort of off the charts in craziness, seriously dysfunctional.  But, I suppose that was also suppose to be the point, off the chart crazy.

Who really did it for me though was Melissa McCarthy.  That lady is an amazing comedian.  I love her!  My favorite part of comedies are when you know the actors are just ad libing.  The "after movie clip" was almost as funny as the movie!  Don't leave without seeing it.

All in all, the movie was very relatable, and I enjoyed the laughing with my husband, and realizing we are not in this alone!

Deb's Rate: Friday Night

Tiff's Take:
I guess my take on this movie is different from Deb's.  First of all, I'm not pushing my 40's.  I'm still in denial that I'm almost mid-30's.  Because of this I think this movie wasn't quite as relatable to me.  Mainly because I'm not dealing with hormonal kids yet.  Mine are still sweet and young and innocent.  Ha.  Okay, they're still young.  But I'm not quite to that preteen/teen age yet.  A chunk of the humor related to this. 

A lot of the humor was related to couples getting older and getting in a funk in their marriage and lives.  I think a lot of us can relate to that so I wouldn't say it was completely about your age.  Because of this there were some really hilarious parts regardless if you're 42 or 33.  The main thing that made me like this movie less was how it kept dragging on.  It was so much longer than it needed to be.  There were too many scenes about "normal" life issues that seemed unnecessary to me.  I got the point after the 5th scenario.       

I guess for me and my husband in our early (ok mid) thirties, it was a disappointment.  The flow of the story didn't work and there was more crazy than funny for our liking.

Tiff's Rate: Rent It

Preview: Enjoyed the last two movies of the year with our mom!!  Always a treat! 

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