Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deb's Best (and Worst) of 2012

Ok, so our second year has come to an end.  As I am getting ready to write this final chapter of our favorites and least favorites of 2012 my 9 year old daughter wanders over and says "Whatcha doing?"  I respond  "writing on our blog"  Her response..."Blog? what Blog" her a funny look, "UH  the movie blog"  Her response with a big, AH HA smile..."Oh, is that why you and Tiff go to a movie once a week?"  Really?  Wow, I guess some things just slip by in this household...

So I have to say, this year was not as good as last year.  As I looked though the movies I am a little disappointed.  I had a harder time coming up with my favorites, vs the ones I didn't really like.  I will warn you, I went on my "memory"  what stuck with me and what didn't, so my choices may not correspond with my rates..per se...but that's the way this girl rolls.  So here it goes.

1.) Chronicle:  Don't bother putting this one in the history books.
2.) The Words:  Not just the words, the whole movie...
3.) Flight:  A really more than one sense.
4.) Think Like a Man: Or maybe don't, it didn't work out so well..
5.)  21 Jumpstreet:  Jump ship on this one.
6.) Cloud Atlas:  Left me feeling like I was under a cloud of confusion
7.) A Thousand Words:  Words just didn't do it for me this year

1.) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:  I would see this again, and I rarely see a movie twice.
2.) This Means War: Great Girl and Guy movie!
3.) Pitch Perfect: Laughable, loveable, singable
4.) Mirror Mirror:Gotta love the fairy tales with a twist.
5.) Perks of being a WallFlower: Highschool romance always a winner to me.
6.) Anna Karenina: Artsy to the max, and worked!
7.) Titanic-ok so that's a little bit of a cheater, but it was worth it! (I saw it twice!)

Honorable Mentions:
1.) Snow White and the Huntsmen:  Another fairy tale, which I loved.
2.)  The Hunger Games:  Book meets movie...a winner
3.) Silver Linings Playbook: embrace your inner Crazy!
4.) Breaking Dawn Part 2: Final chapter to an awesome series...ok, so the book is wayyyy better, but still
5.) Step up Revolution:  A real entertainer...gotta love a good dance
6.) Hit and Run:  Fast cars,crude humor,  no thinking
7.) Argo: Well done

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