Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: Week 51: Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Main Players: Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel,  Noah Lomax, Dennis Quaid, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones

General Gist: A father who is also a retired professional soccer player, works to become a more prominent figure in his son's life.

Deb's Take: 
I liked looking at Gerard Butler.  He is pretty nice looking and has a nice accent.  He looked good without his shirt on.  I think that is the best thing I can say about this movie.

The movie was sort of discombobulated.  There were a lot of known actors, almost like the movie knew it was lacking in some way, so they wanted some big names to make up for it.  I really just didn't like the way the relationships jumped all over the place.  Oh, there were funny parts, and nice romantic parts, but honestly, it was pretty unbelievable.  That is coming from the sister who falls for any romantic twist out there...the sister who falls for the whole "drama" of relationships, who loves the star crossed lovers story, who roots for the I guess what I am saying wasn't that great.  Sort of just blahza to me.  I have definitely seen worse but it could have been so much better.

Deb's Rate: Don't Bother

Tiff's Take:   
I couldn't agree more with Deb's review.  This movie really fell short in every way.  I actually can't believe the actors in this agreed to do it.  They acted well enough but the story line was just awful.  I didn't believe any of the relationships or the situations.  There were holes and flaws all over the place.  And the chemistry wasn't great between anyone.  The funny parts were just so so and the "touching" parts weren't really touching at all.  

So, maybe just don't go to this one at all.  And if you have already then I'm sorry that you wasted your time.            

Tiff's Rate: Don't Bother
Preview: Closing down the year, but a few more to come.

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