Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014: Week 16: Heaven Is for Real

Heaven is for Real

Genre: Drama

Main Players:  Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Connor Corum

General Gist:  The story of a 4 year old who goes to Heaven as told by his father.  Based on a true story.

Tiff's Take: 
So, I didn't read this book.  To be honest it just didn't seem like my cup of tea.  I'm very open minded about spiritual experiences and such but for some reason I wasn't horribly interested in reading this book.  I thought the movie would give me a good snippet about what the hype was all about and I could call it a day.

Well, I think I would have been better off just reading the book and calling it a day.  I'm sure the movie did not do the book justice in the least.  I wasn't invested in this story at all.  I didn't really feel the emotions that some people might get from watching this.  There was a decent amount of people who clapped when this movie was over.  It obviously moved some people.  Not this girl.  I was actually bored towards the end.  I believe this was an amazing story for the people involved.  But the movie just left me feeling uninspired.  

Tiff's Rate: Don't Bother

Deb's Take:  
Hmm.. This movie was disappointing to me.  I was expecting big, Big, BIG things from this.  I am a very spiritual person.  I believe in the power of miracles, visions, Angels, a greater being and spiritual experiences.  I enjoy hearing people's encounters with things not normal.  I expected whole heartedly to come out of this movie with a sense of peace, and connection.  I did not.  I felt like half of this movie was a sermon.  I felt some sort of lesson was trying to be pushed through the cracks, but in the end got stuck.  Spiritual encounters are meant to be powerful, life changing and awesome.  I believe that this story is all of those things, but the movie deflated the experience.   I felt the acting was good, but the writing and directing was not.  Connor Corum did great!  I also liked Greg Kinnear.  Kelly Reilly was lacking, and sort of annoying, as were many of the supporting roles. The story is amazing, but stick to the book because I feel like the movie ruined it. 

Deb's Rate:  Don't bother, just read the book.

Preview: Pre-screening of  "The Other Woman"

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