Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2014: Week 19: Neighbors


Genre: Comedy

Main Players: Zac Efron, Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne

General Gist:  A frat house goes up in a residential neighborhood and the neighbors work to keep things under control.

Deb's Take:  
This movie felt like it was tailored for a 18 to 23 year old crowd. At first I thought maybe I was just getting old, but then I talked to Tiff...she thought maybe she was getting old, then we decided we aren't old, this was just young, stupid, mildly disturbing, comedy.  I actually don't think even as an 18 to 23 year old I would have liked it.  The idea seemed like it could have been funny, but it wasn't.  I was disappointed because I like Seth Rogan and Zac Efron most of the time.  The humor just seemed more stupid than funny.  I suppose there was a few places that made me laugh, I'm not THAT old, but I just didn't get the hype from this one.  Not a lot of substance.  I wouldn't even bother with this one.

Deb's Rate: Don't bother

Tiff's Take:
Yeah, like Deb said, I thought maybe I've reached that age where young, crude humor is lost on me.  Does it happen in your mid 30's?  Man, I hope not.  This movie sort of reminded me of an updated version of Old School.  Do you remember that one?  With Will Ferrell?  That was funny.  This was not.  It just didn't work at all.  I didn't think any of it was overly funny and some of the story just didn't make sense.  Seth Rogan wasn't very funny and Zac Efron seemed sort of creepy.  My husband really wanted to see this one (I think hoping it would be like Old School) but I don't think even he would have liked it.  I'd be curious to know what a younger crowd thought.  Who knows.  Maybe I am just getting too old.   

Tiff's Rate: Rent It
Preview: Moms' Night Out (Hint: Not much better than this one.  Maybe worse.)

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