Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 6: The Company Men

This week's movie was The Company Men. I hadn't heard a lot about this movie so I wasn't really sure what to expect. It seemed to have a full cast of well known male actors. Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and a smaller role for Kevin Costner. They all did a good job but I can't say that any of them stood out more than the others. Ben Affleck was good in it but I think he always does a little better when it's a role that is based on his real life in some way. This movie was based out of Boston so he fit in with that. I like Ben Affleck as an actor alright but sometimes he's just not as believable as he should be. This one he did good though.

The story line was basically about three men losing their jobs and how it effected their lives. All three men were living these inflated lifestyles, living excessively with high paying jobs. When they lose their jobs you almost don't feel sorry for them. Almost. They were all genuine enough that more then anything it was mostly just touching and a little heartbreaking. It seemed like they just weren't ever going to get a break. To be honest, it went on so long I thought maybe it wasn't going to be a very happy ending. And although it wasn't totally a feel good ending it mainly made you feel like the small guys won out and the big corporations got what they deserved. Well, as much as a big corporation can get what they deserve anyway.

Overall, it wasn't a real fast paced movie but entertaining enough even if it was slightly depressing. But like I said the characters were likable and you truly cared how their lives were going to end up.

To Sum it up: Touching, a little depressing and sorta slow going.

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