Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 8: Just Go With It

Well, I have to say...this movie will not win an Oscar :) I really like Adam Sandler, and for the most part Jennifer Aniston. However, this movie reminded me more of a movie I would watch on T.V. and not in the theater. I did find it somewhat funny and entertaining, but the whole story line was pretty far fetched from reality. Lord knows, if I don't think I could live it, I don't really like it!

Adam Sandler generally has a good sense of humor. I do feel at times he is over the top, but I tend to go more the reality. Jennifer Aniston will always seem to me more like a T.V. star, ever since "Friends", and her characters always seem to be the same. This character was no different, always the likable good girl, I actually liked her character when she was "acting" like the high class wife, as it was more entertaining. Brooklyn Decker, needs to stay with modeling. She was suppose to be the sweet, gorgeous girl, girl next door, but really she was just gorgeous and kind of nothing else to me. (Maybe a guy would disagree)

I think my favorite character was the daughter, played by Bailee Madison. She cracked me up. I have seen her in a couple of my kids' favorite disney shows, but she really hammed this one up. Pretty sad when I enjoy a child better than the whole movie.

Nicole Kidman was also in this movie, which I didn't realize before I went. I wasn't really impressed, she just seemed sort of flighty. She was suppose to be an annoying character, and she maybe she was good!

I guess by the sounds of it, I wasn't really over impressed with the movie. I did think it was a no brainer, entertainer. However, would have been a better rent at home type of thing.

Overall, a light-hearted, nothing too special sort of film.

See you next week

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