Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 9: Unknown

This week was Unknown with Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger.  I pretty much agree with Deb on this one.  It was good as far as Action movies go.  Maybe not the best but good.  Both Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger were good.  Although Liam Neeson's acting was good, he wasn't quite as believable as the spy/assassin/bad ass that some actors are.  Diane Kruger was a good match as well but I didn't think they had the best chemistry together.  Oh and January Jones was in it.  I hear about her all the time but she didn't really stand out for me at all.   

Action movies aren't my favorite type of genre but I enjoy them enough.  This one kept you on the edge of your seat and tense most of the time which makes for a good action movie.  It was also semi-confusing and riddle filled until the end.  Unlike Deb, I don't generally try to figure out a plot ahead of time.  I usually just enjoy the ride.   This one was no different.  Although I will admit that it left me with some questions at the end still. 

Overall, I think this was an entertaining movie.  If you're into these kinds of movies it's definitely one to see.  If you're not then it probably wouldn't hurt to miss it.  But one things for certain, I'm sure glad it was this instead of Hall Pass.  Thanks voters.  That was a close call. 

To Sum it up:  Suspenseful, action-packed but nothing to write home about. 


  1. Wow, you enjoyed it much more than I did!

    (Starring Liam Neeson, January Jones, Dianne Kruger, Aiden Quinn)
    ** out of five
    In the beginning of this film, Neeson takes a blow to the head. Apparently so did the producers who sunk bajillions of dollars into this over-bloated but pretty thriller. It’s a mystery why the camera work and the performances are so committed to this illogical action flick.

    Neeson is a biologist; Jones (Mad Men) his pretty wife. They are heading to a conference in Berlin, where a sheik is about to unveil a free strain of corn that will change the world’s economic landscape. Neeson hits his head, lapses into a coma, and wakes up four days later to find another man (Quinn) claiming his identity and his wife.

    So, apparently a man in a coma can wake up and waltz out of a hospital. Elaborate car chases rip through the Berlin streets with nary a cop in sight. Evil villains have lengthy conversations with Neeson—they readily kill people around him, and instead of offing him also, decide to chat for extended periods. Of course, there are plot twists, but after you think about it, those also make no sense whatsoever.

    Here’s the biggest problem: hundreds of cars get crashed or explode, buildings blow up, and the actors wear some very expensive costumes—meaning someone spent a slew of money on Unknown. What they didn’t spend any cash on—what they thought audiences wouldn’t notice—is that this expensive, handsome story is a complete absurdity disguised with a shiny coat of gloss."

  2. Thanks for your review Stephen! I don't necessarily disagree with you. Maybe I was too nice in mine. :)