Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 9: Unknown

This week we saw "Unknown", per our followers/friends vote. This movie was an action movie with Liam Neeson as a Dr who travels to Berlin and gets in a car accident, leaving him in a situation where his wife doesn't know him and his identity seems to be stolen.

I thought this movie was a pretty good action movie. There were a few interesting car chases, a story line that weaved a web of interest and a twist that even I, the master of figuring out twists, didn't see.

The actors in the movie did a good job and seemed to fit the parts well. Liam Neeson did well and I felt his character was believable and he fit it well. Diane Kruger's character was interesting, and I think she also played it well. Really, all the actors involved were believable and played well.

I can't say that I felt this movie was exceptual, but I also feel this type of movie is for entertainment, little thought is necessary as the story simply unfolds, and a story is simply presented, told and resolved. For those action enthusiasts it was a good movie. For me the movie was just okay. I like movies that touch my soul a lot more!

An okay movie. Nothing too special, good rental.

See you next week!

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