Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012: Week 13: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Main Players: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane

General Gist: A new take on the Snow White classic with a little more focus on the evil queen.

Tiff's Take:
It's sort of strange that there are two variations of Snow White coming out this year, isn't it? You wonder why that happens. All the sudden there's this interest in it again. (And not to mention the new TV show Once Upon A Time. Who's watching that? I love it!) Both movies look very different. The other one, with Kristen Stewart, looks much more serious and dramaesque. This one more light hearted and fun.

I would say that's exactly what it ended up being too. This movie reminded me of one of the classic Disney princess cartoons but without it being a cartoon. Does that make sense? It was fun and wholesome and I can easily see why it was rated PG. It was very much a happy ending love story without a whole lot of depth. But that's fine because I think it was meant for a younger audience. I think adults will enjoy this but probably not as much as the pre-teens.

As far as the acting, Julia Roberts was excellent as the evil queen. You don't often get to see her in a role like that. Lily Collins was also good as the sweet, innocent princess. And I couldn't put my finger on where I'd seen the prince, played by Armie Hammer, before until I just looked it up. He was the "other guy" in J. Edgar. Very different role but well done.

Tiff's Rate: Matinee (Unless you're an 8-12 year old girl. Then maybe Friday Night worthy.)

Deb's Take:
Well, considering I am a romantic at heart, I suppose a movie with a princess, prince and evil queen is always spot on. I have to say, I knew this movie was geared towards a PG audience and went in with that view. Not to much depth so a younger audience could enjoy it. I really loved it. Like Tiff, I felt Julia Roberts did an excellent job. She was really amazing in this role. I think the costumes were amazing. The adaptations to make the movie modern were clever and unique. I was impressed with the twist on the 7 dwarves and the mirror. I can't say there wasn't a character I didn't like, and completely enjoyed. This is a great family movie. I took my 8 year old daughter (who is above a hopeless romantic) and she thought it was great too.

Deb's Rate: Good Friday night Family movie.

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