Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top Five of All Time (at least so far)

For this week's movie we went and saw one of our (yes both of our) favorites. We'll be reviewing it next. You can probably guess what it was.

This got both of us thinking about our favorite movies of all time. We figured, might as well make a list right?

Tiff's Top 5
My list is definitely not in any particular order. That would be way to difficult. Picking a top 5 is hard enough as it is. I mean, of all the movies of my lifetime, how am I suppose to narrow it down to a few? Well, I tried to think of ones that over time have always stuck with me. Of course, this is subjective and probably hugely flawed (and could change on any given day) but here goes.

  • Titanic - Because I may or may not have just watched it recently and realized, again, how much I love this movie. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.
  • The Harry Potter Series - I realize this is more than one movie but hey, it's my list. I also realize that I love these movies mainly because of the books but they are just so magical and I own them all. On any given day I might pop one in just because. It was a sad day walking out of the theater for the last movie knowing there would be no more. *sigh*
  • Romeo + Juliet - The '96 version with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. I don't know what it was about this movie but I was obsessed with it. I loved the music, the acting, the funkiness of it and the modern day take.
  • Slumdog Millionaire - This was the kind of movie that was hard to watch but hard not to watch. I couldn't get it out of my mind. It haunts you.
  • Chocolat - I loved Johnny Depp in this movie. Well, I actually loved all the actors in this movie. And it was funny and romantic and European. Who could ask for more?
Deb's Top 5
This list took me a little longer to compile than I expected. I was over analyzing the whole process a little. Something I do frequently,..Over analyze. Well, after some thought and discussion I came up with my list. I need to explain how, and why my list is as stated. I am an emotional movie watcher. As Tiff and I "review" our movies I often take a little step back from my emotions and try to really look at the actors, the music, the writing ect. For this list, I didn't do any of that, this list is my favorite movies of all time, based on pure emotion. I have a hard time remembering movies that I have seen, I always make people start telling me the storyline in order to remember, the title alone is not enough. However, with my top five favorite, you are getting my pure AWWWWW of movies. They just made me feel good, I could watch them over and over again, they hit me in the heart! Sometimes they may have been situational, where I was in my life, but all around, just my favorites. So here they are...(in no particular order) and a glimpse at how very different we two sisters really are....

  • Titanic- The first time I saw this movie I cried so hard I was doing the little kid, shutter cry. You know the one, where your breath comes in little spastic shutters and you can't control the little breath noises and you have a hard time catching my breath. This movie was the most romantic, heart wrenching movie I had ever seen. I was mesmerized from the beginning and think it took 2-3 weeks for me to get over the heartbreak. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I may have more to say about it in a later post so won't say anything else right now.
  • The Sound of Music- I loved the singing, I loved the views, I loved the children, I loved the fact that he was in love with one woman but fell in love with another. (That is awful, but those movies seem to get me the most...huh..)I have watched this movie over and over again, it is from my childhood. I wanted to be Julie Andrews on that mountain top. I actually even did "The Sound of Music" tour when I was in Austria. Yes, these are a few of my favorite things.
  • Some Kind of Wonderful-My first movie of "DUDE...YOU ARE WITH THE WRONG GIRL!!!" feeling. He was soooo with the wrong girl, yet didn't see it. The story of my high school career..life...drama...I haven't watched this movie in years, I am sure it is cheesy and has bad acting from the 80's, but I will never forget it! I ended up marrying my "Some kind of Wonderful" He finally figured out "DUDE..I AM WITH THE WRONG GIRL!!!" :)
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory/Wizard of Oz- From the time I was like 5 these two movies came on once a year in Montana. Each time they came on all of my cousins and I would go to my Great Grandma Cora's house (it was always on a Sunday) and squish into a green rocking chair (ok about 3 or 4 of us, not all 21 or so of us, which amazingly enough I fit into only by myself now..I swear that chair was bigger) and watch these amazing movie. I wanted to go into that factory my whole life. I am not even a chocolate fan! (Tiff and I did find a common ground in a chocolate movie though) Yes, this movie was a golden ticket in my life. The Wizard of Oz was just cool...so magical. I had to lump these two movies together because they are just classics for me. Again, more situational then a good movie.
  • Vacation- You know, the Chevy Chase movie with the dysfunctional family. YEP that is the one. I love that movie, it makes me laugh and always has. Maybe its a testament to my family and all our dysfunction when we tried to vacation to Yellowstone Park when I was a kid. Who knows..I just know, It's a favorite.


  1. Deb, that chair is in the boy's room at my Mom and Dad's, and I think the same thing about it every time I see it! We fit so many kids on it, and it's quite small!! Many happy times!

  2. Great list Deb. I almost included Vacation in my list but the others won out. I probably could make a whole other list with more of my childhood favorites like Sound of Music, Grease, Vacation and A Christmas Story.

  3. OK Girls! Here is your Mom's favorites:
    1. The Way We Were with Robert Redford and Barbra Steisand
    2. Dr. Zhivago- saw it when I was in high school- still love the song
    3. The Harry Potter series- loved the books and loved seeing them as movies
    4. Star Wars- all of them
    5. Iron Will- a show about a boy winning a dogsled race- a true story
    Some runner ups: Sound of Music, Rocky, Avatar and The Gladiator

    1. I guess I will have to see Dr. Zhivago, you always talk so highly of it!