Thursday, April 5, 2012

All time favorite movie

So...I want to know what your all time favorite movie is...why? Because in a couple days I am going to review..or shall I say, rave, about my most favoritest movie in the world. I want to hear what yours is though. Throw some out there folks. Maybe I missed one in my thinking of the past movies in my life. I will start by saying, I thought mine might be "Legends of the Fall." I was wrong, that wasn't it. So then I remembered "Dancing with Wolves", but nope, that wasn't it either. I started a list..but need to think a little more. Any ideas? Let me hear them, and then I will talk Tiff into doing the same.


  1. Ummm dont laugh? But I like MOMMY DEAREST! Is that twisted?

    1. All I have to say is....I know know why you are the way you are...HAHA LOL..just kidding. Yes a very strange choice I think, but hey. we all have different taste.