Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012: Week 14: Titanic

Titanic re-released in 3D

Genre: Drama, Historical Fiction

Main Players: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Bill Paxton, Gloria Stuart

General Gist: Do I really have to explain? I think not.

Tiff's Take:
It's probably not a shock to hear that we went to see the re-release of Titanic in 3D last week. I was really excited to see it again. And by again, I mean the 10th time in a theater. You heard me right. I saw this marathon of a movie 9 times in the theater when it originally came out in 1997. What can I say? I was an impressionable, college teenager who loved a good tragic story. Apparently a slightly more cynical, 30 something mother of two can enjoy a good tragic story just as well. At least this one can.

I don't think I need to go into the movie itself and the actors and how wonderful everything was. Either you've seen it or you haven't. And if you haven't you probably won't go this time around. If you have seen it and wondering if you should see it this time around I would say go for it. (Oh, and if you were too young to see it the first time, then definitely go this time. It would be interesting to hear what a younger generation thinks.) I was curious if I would feel the same awestruck, tragic sadness I felt first time around. Let me tell ya, I was surprised by how much I did. I had forgotten how much I really love this movie. I mean really love it. I will say though that the 3D aspect of it didn't really do a whole lot for me. It was just as good without it.

Tiff's Rate: First time around definitely an Opening Dayer. This time around still worth a Friday Night rating.

Deb's Take: As you know from my list of favorite movies, this movie was one, and I have to say I am pretty sure it is actually my number 1 movie of all time. Unlike Tiff, however, I didn't see it 9 times in the movie theatre, actually, I own this movie, and have watched it through once in the theatre, and several bits and pieces at home. So..this was only my second full viewing.
What can I say about this movie to give it justice? The actors were perfect. The chemistry between Kate and Leonardo was amazing. The sound track is captivating. If you haven't seen this movie, you really missed out on something special. My 8 year old is enthralled with it. She is a hopeless romantic just like me, and the first time she saw it she had so many questions and was so interested in the details of the Titanic. I do have to remind her the actors aren't real. It probably isn't the best movie for an 8 year old, but she is in love with it now. We went to an exhibit about the Titanic because of this movie. The story is so heart wrenching yet so interesting. We knew we couldn't go wrong with this movie. I still cry when I see it....

Deb's Rate: Opening day, then of course, that would have been 15 years ago.

Preview: Not sure yet! But mom comes in town this weekend!! YEAH

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