Monday, November 12, 2012

2012: Week 44: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Genre: Drama, Romance 

Main Players: Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller

General Gist:  A story that follows the school year of a shy freshman boy who becomes friends with two seniors.

Deb's Take: 
I loved this movie!  It felt like the "Breakfast Club" meets "Pretty in Pink".  I have always liked movies about high school.  Everything is so innocent and new.  The thrill (or maybe agony) of becoming an adult, and experiencing so much for the first time.  It's also scary, and lonely and sad for some, but when it's not, its amazing.

I loved the chemistry of these actors. The characters were bizarre, quirky, and perfect!  All three of the actors were great.  I really liked Logan Lerman, what a wonderful job. There were funny parts, sad parts, and happy parts.  All those things that make life...Life, and all those things that shape who we are.  Yes, we all experience life differently, but all in all, everything is a lesson, and if we make it through we learn something about who we are and who we will be become. 

Deb's Rate: Opening Night

Tiff's Take:
Ditto on what Deb said.  Yeah, really great movie.  Although I'm not surprised.  I thought I would like this one from the first time I saw the preview.  It's been out a little while and I wasn't sure if we would get to see it so I'm glad we finally did. 

The basic story line was pretty straight forward.  A boy trying to fit in while finding unlikely friends in two older kids.  But there was a lot more to the back history of the three main characters that made it interesting.  In fact, it makes you want to know more about them.  Parts of it are vague which I think was done on purpose to let you fill in the holes.  That can be annoying at times but worked for this.  I'm guessing the book gets into a lot more detail but the movie worked.

I loved all three of the main actors/characters.  They each had a special charm to them.  I loved seeing Emma Watson do so well in a post Harry Potter movie.  Definitely one of the better movies we've seen this year.

Tiff's Rate: Opening Night 

Preview:  Review for Argo and Wreck-It Ralph coming up. 

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