Friday, November 16, 2012

2012: Week 45: Argo


Genre: Drama, Thriller, History 

Main Players: Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Victor Garber

General Gist: Six Americans are trapped in hiding in the Canadian embassy in Iran.  In an effort to get them back home, the CIA creates a fake movie as an excuse to get in the country and get them out by saying they are a film crew.  Based on a true story in the late 70's early 80's.

Tiff's Take: 
This movie was based on a true story which I love.  And it has Ben Affleck who I'm always rooting for.  He doesn't have the best track record in my mind as being the best actor in the world but I've always really liked him.  This character really fit him well.  Maybe it helped that he was the director.  Who knows.  What I do know is this story was so interesting.  It makes you wonder what movie will be made 30 years from now about something happening right now that we have no idea about.  That's a little unsettling so maybe we shouldn't think about that.

This was a pretty serious movie with a big emphasis on suspense.  The whole time I was on the edge of my seat wondering if they were going to get out.  Now, if I knew the story from way back in the day I would know the answer to that but I didn't.  I was only like 2 and to be honest I probably wouldn't know too much about it if I was 18 at the time.  Since I didn't really know exactly what was going to happen it was even more nail biting.  And just to give my heart a little break there was comedic relief by John Goodman and Alan Arkin's characters.  Just the right amount.

I really enjoyed this and so did Russ.  Russ thought this would be interesting but I don't think he thought he would like it quite so much.  (I mean it's no James Bond movie but...) Great date night movie.  Both parties will enjoy this one.       

Tiff's Rate: Opening Night
Deb's Take: 
I am not much of a history buff either.  I married a history buff so that he could give me all the details of the things I have missed in life.  Brian said he remembered this, and I don't know if he told me, or I just assumed, but I knew from the beginning they were getting out, so I wasn't in as much of a suspenseful stupor as some, but I agree this movie was suspenseful.

I think Ben Affleck did a great job as both director and actor of this film.  After watching a true story based movie I always go and do a little hunting around to see how the film was different from the real situation.  This movie was good about trying to get the story accurate, while making it "Hollywood".  I, like my sister, am amazed at the things that happen in this world without the general public knowledge.  Well,,maybe not that surprised. 

I really think you will like this movie if you like history, or even if you just like movies that include real life events.  There was plenty of suspense, light humor and action, with enough drama to round it all out.
Deb's Rate: Opening Night
Preview: Skyfall and Breaking Dawn 2 both in the same week.  Oh, and maybe we'll throw a bonus review in the mix as well. 

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