Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 11: Beastly

This week we say "Beastly". Basically it was a modern day, teenager based "Beauty and The Beast" I didn't realize we were seeing a movie with the same main actor from last week, Alex Pettyfer. It also starred teenage actor Vanessa Hudgens.

The movie itself reminded me of a T.V. Disney Movie. I felt like it was pretty disconnected and "gappy" as far as jumping from scenerio to scenerio. Kind of like there was a place for commericals, but none inserted.

As far as the acting, I do think Alex is a pretty good "new" teenage heart throb, and Vanessa Hudgens is a good teen actor as well. They did good in their parts. Mary-Kate Olsen was too off and freaky for me. I also like the parts played by Neil Patrick Harris and Lisa Gay Hamilton. I sort of wished their characters were more prominent. I like Neil Patrick Harris' sense of humor, although I wasn't too convinced of the blindness.

All in all this is a good movie for those pre-teen and teenagers. The movie was very age appropriate for my 13 year old daughter and I liked the message it was sending, as the whole "Beauty and the Beast" moral goes.

Don't forget we are drawing for our winners for a book and 2 movie tickets, there is still time to vote!

See you next week

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