Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 15: Source Code

This week we actually saw 2 movies because we went to Montana, and whenever we go home we seem to go to more movies than normal. The first one we saw was Source Code. This movie starred Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmigo, and Michelle Monaghan.

The movie takes place on a train, as well as in a lab. The concept was really cool. Basically, Jake's character travels back in time 8 minutes, over and over again, to determine who caused a terrorist attack. The crazy thing, Jake isn't really alive, as we know it. The premise was far fetched, yet not really...

I like Jake and his acting ability. He didn't disappoint me in this movie. He did well. This movie mostly focused on Jake and his character and often I felt like the movie was really a "one man movie." However, the supporting characters did a good job too, even though it all felt like a one man battle. The movie was slightly "groundhog day", with repeating the same scene with small changes, but overall didn't seem too redundant.

I would recommend seeing this movie. The concept was solid, and the idea creative. The actors were entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Pretty good overall.

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