Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 16: Hanna

WOW! Super slow this week....Well, if you haven't noticed we saw "Hanna" starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, (who I always like) and Cate Blanchette. My husband informed me that this was a "remake" of like the 4th degree of the movie "LE FEMME Nikita". I did remember the movie with Bridget Fonda "Point of No Return" and I guess they were similar. None the less, I liked the story line and was impressed with the players.

Hanna is a girl who was bred to be a killer. She disappeared at a young age, and is now coming back. Her father (Bana) knows her "maker" (Blanchette) is going to be on the war path, and has been preparing Hanna for years.

I think that Ronan did a great job in the movie. She had to play so many different emotions, and I believed everyone of them. She is only 17, yet has a lofty acting career, and I think this movie only helped bring her abilities to light even more. Bana did well as did Blanchette. I really think that Ronan kind of pulled the movie through though.

I liked the story line, I liked the action. It did get a little gruesome at times, but true to a spy thiller type movie. I am beginning to like these kind of movies more and more. I guess I like the action, and when an actor can also include some true emotions the movie is even more appealing.

I have to say the movie was good, I enjoyed watching it, and would recommend oscars or anything, but a good Sunday afternoon.

See you Next...I mean in a few days! Dang I am slow!

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