Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 15: Your Highness-Bonus Review

I title this bonus review lightly, as this movie was not a bonus in any way shape or form. I have to say, I shouldn't have wasted my time, or my money. Yet, never would have guessed it's demise based on the actors.

James Franco and Natalie Portman are good actors, yet I can't figure out what they were doing in this movie?! I am a Monty Python fan, I like that kind of humor, and this movie seemed to try and follow the Monty Python road, but fell extremely short. I think I learned that I am getting old, or maybe just don't appreciate young humor, but I like to think it was more about just seeing a bad movie. The humor was unnecessarily sexual in a rather crass and offensive nature, thrown in with no real reason or direction.

The movie was a quest, by two prince brothers, to find the young virgin kidnapped by the evil knight. Good, strong, fairytale type, that didn't happen that way. Granted, this movie was suppose to be funny, but it was sort of just over the top. I don't really even have anything to say about the actors, the writing was so bad how could they succeed?

Bottom line: don't waste your money! See you next week!!

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