Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 17: African Cats

In honor of Earth Day we took most of the family to "African Cats". I had seen the previews for this movie a while back and knew I wanted to see it and thought it would be great for the kids. I enjoyed the movie tremendously. I love when there are documentaries about animal "families" and I am always intrigued with the similarities of animal and human living, and natural instinct of mothering. I liked the story they put behind the animals' lives. Of course, we can never truly know what an animal is thinking, but the movie did a good job of playing out a good story based on the animals' actions.

I enjoyed all the different animals in the movie, and although the focus was on the cats, it was neat to see some of the characteristics of the other animals as well. The movie did have some scenes that may be a little disturbing for small kids, and there were some sad moments, as well a funny, happy and thoughtful. All the stuff a good movie is made of!

Good movie for the week! If you get the chance, and like animals go see it,oh and stick around for the credits they are kind of funny. Happy Easter/Happy Earth Day! See you next week.

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