Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 16: Hanna

This week we saw Hanna.  I thought this looked like an interesting movie.  I was excited to see Saoirse Ronan as the main character.  She was the one in The Lovely Bones and I thought she was really good in that one so I was hoping the same for this one.  And she was good.  She really did a great job of playing this fearless 16 year old with amazing skills.  Although I will say she looked more like a 13 year old. 

The premise behind the movie is that a CIA agent, played by Cate Blanchett, was doing this research to try to make a super army by fiddling with the DNA of unborn babies. (Official terms I know.)  Well, something happened that she had to abort the project as well as all the "subjects".  Hanna was the only one who got away with the help of rouge CIA agent played by Eric Bana.  He taught her all these crazy skills on survival so she could defend herself from Cate's character, Marissa.  Of course, it was action packed and full of suspense.  And can I say that Cate played this southern talking crazy lady very well.  She even creeped me out a little.   

My brother in law said that he's seen a few movies like this with the same general concept so apparently this isn't a super original idea but it was for me.  Maybe if you had seen those other ones this wouldn't have been so interesting.  But I  thought it was well acted and worth watching. 

To Sum it up:  Good acting, creepy characters and kept you on the edge of your seat.          

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