Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 20: Bridesmaids

So this week we went to the show "Bridesmaids". This movie was suppose to be the girl version of The Hangover", according to some reviews. This movie followed a similar premise, a girl getting married, her bridemaids, and all the things that happen before the wedding, the shower, the dress picking out, the engagement party, a bridemaids dinner...ect.... The story is actually told about the maid of honor, and follows her life during the ordeal.

Well, the main character is from Saturday Night Live, Kristin Wiig. She did a good job in this role, kind of quirky, yet a good fit for the part. The person who made the movie though was, Melissa McCarthy her character cracked me up!

I was thinking about how this compared to "The Hangover" after I got home. I don't think it was as funny, because with this movie they had to put too much emotional, love story type stuff in it....ya know, make it a chick flick. I was ready for hard core comedy. The movie was funny, but not as funny as I wanted it to be. I felt like some of the hype was over played and the previews sort of told the funny parts...i hate when all the funny parts are given away in the previews.

I guess I just was hoping for hilarious, and ended up with funny. Really no one was exceptionally note worthy, they all did well with their parts. Its a good movie to take a friend to. I have to say, my husband really wanted to go because he liked the hangover sooooo much. He couldn't go with us, and I told him when we got home..."you would have been disappointed so be glad you didn't spend the money" REally not a guy film in my opinion.

All in all, an okay movie, made me laugh, but had higher expectations. Maybe hangover 2 will hit the spot! See you next week.

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