Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 22: The Hangover Part II

Over Memorial Day weekend we went and saw The Hangover Part II.  I'll admit that I didn't see the first one.  I usually don't do that but I figured I wouldn't really be missing out on the plot line by not seeing the original.  I think I was right but it did make me want to see the first one.  I hear it was better.

One thing that made this particular movie fun was the ambiance.  We went with my brother and sister-in-law and a bunch of her family to a theater downtown that had the studio suites that served food and had big reclining chairs.  It was pretty cool.  We decided we'll have to go back with our spouses next time and get better seats. (We were in the first row.  Not ideal.) 

But the movie itself...I thought it was pretty good.  Not hilarious though.  I actually thought it was more shocking then funny.  It reminded me a lot of that movie with Cameron Diaz called Very Bad Things.  Do you remember that one?  About a bachelor party that went bad.  Sort of black humor kind of movie.  I thought The Hangover Part II was funnier but sort of along the same lines. 

I thought all the actors were good.  Zach Galifianakis was probably the best.  But Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms were really good in this kind of comedy too.  Oh and Ken Jeong who played Mr. Chow was good. 

Remember that this is the kind of movie you probably don't want to go with your parents or grandparents.  It wasn't overly sexual (I thought Black Swan was way more sexual) but it was crude with a lot of nudity.  Male nudity at that.  Frontal male nudity.  You don't see a lot of that in movies.  Overall I thought this movie was decent but can imagine that the first one was a lot better.  And not as many laugh out loud moments as you might think.

To Sum it up: Vulgar, good comedic characters but falls a little short of belly laughing humor.  

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