Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 19: Something Borrowed

So, what to say about Something Borrowed.  First of all, let me give you a little histroy.  This movie was based on a book.  That book was written by Emily Griffin.  Now, I haven't read the book but I was planning on it before we went and saw the movie.  Problem was I listened to another one of her books on tape when me and my sister drove back from Montana not too long ago.  Turns out I don't like her style of writing all that well and I didn't like the story line.  All of that added to my thoughts of this movie.

I have no beef with the actors in this movie.  You have Kate Hudson doing what she does best, Ginnifer Goodwin playing the "I don't think I'm good enough" role which worked and Colin Egglesfield as the super hot fiance/love interest.  Oh, and you have John Krasinski as the best friend.  I think they all fit the bill.  And it had funny parts and was generally entertaining but probably only in a chick flick way. 

Here is my beef with this movie.  It jumped out as a movie that was a book first and didn't have enough details.  Since I didn't read the book I felt like there were parts I was missing or background information that would have been helpful to know.  Also, I didn't like the story line.  Call me a romantic or purist or something but I don't like stories about people who cheat on other people (especially when it's your best friend's fiance).  My question would be, "Are you really best friends?".  And my other thought would be if you can't help it then be upfront right away and deal with the consequences.  And who really has a best friend who is so utterly selfish that there is no give and take?

So really my issue is with the book not the movie.  Even though I didn't read the book.  Go figure.  Unfortunately the movie was based on a book that I probably wouldn't have liked.  Take that how you will.  Bad thing is, there is a second book therefore a second movie and I'll probably have to see it just to see how it all works out.  Now, Deb has read all the books so she will have a little different take I'm sure. 

To Sum it up: Fitting actors, quasi-funny but awful story line for this product of a broken marriage.          


  1. I loved the book. I haven't seen the movie, but I've read the book twice, and I felt like she wrote about very real and three dimensional characters. I'd like to see the movie, but I've heard it's not very good. I'm curious to see the movie.


  2. Thanks for the review. I hate those kind of story lines too. If its your best friend and your going to cheat, at least be up front. I have not read the book, and while I like Kate Hudson, I have not really been interested in this movie for the above mentioned reasons. I can't enjoy, cheating on your best friend stories, it just goes against my core nature.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Karen-I'll be interested to see what Deb's review says since she read the book. I think my personal opinions didn't give this movie or the book a chance.