Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 19: Something Borrowed

Well, this week we saw another book/movie. I have read the books (its actually the first of 2) and Tiff hasn't so I imagine our reviews will be quite different...maybe.

The movie is based on the premise that there are 2 best friends, Kate Hudson plays Darcy and Ginnifer Goodwin the other best friend, Rachel. Rachel ends up having an affair with Darcy's fiance. The fiance (and ex law school friend of Rachel) played by Colin Egglesfeld. Also John Krasinski plays Ethan, a friend who has been a friend with the girls their whole lives.

I waiver back and forth about how I feel about the movie. Here is the deal. I know the "WHOLE" story because I read the books. The movie just didnt get the whole story. The movie left out some key developments of the the friends' history that makes you realize Rachel is not the bad guy... The movie didn't play it that way. Some key points are missing and in the end of the movie you find yourself feeling sorry for Darcy. Believe me, if you read the book your feelings won't be so black and white. However, since this is a movie blog, I guess I can't fairly judge it by the book.

As far as no brainer, chick flicks it was a decent movie. Romance, conflict, humor...all that jazz. But, again, I wasn't sort of bummed out. Kate and Ginnifer did an excellent job in their roles. I actually feel like they fit the book wonderfully. Ethan was perfect, although his role in the movie was actually a combination of two different characters in the book. Colin Egglesfeld fit the handsome fiance role, although I felt his passion wasn't up to par. Also, I have to mention Steve Howey, who played Marcus. He did great, but the movie really downplayed his role in the story and unfortunely it didn't do him justice.

I think this is a good rental movie...not worth $10 or more for the depth and quality. As I think I mentioned the book, it will be much more worth your while.

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