Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Bonus Review: Dolphin Tales

So, this must have been the week of movies...yes, I actually went to three movies this week...and I am not ashamed at all, I love movies and I am glad I get to go. (Ok, so maybe I overkill movies some, but oh well)

I took the family to see "Dolphin Tales". All my kids were just dying to see this movie and couldn't wait for it to come out, so we saw it the second day after opening. Brian and I were a little excited to see it as well, the previews looked good and I like movies based on true stories.

The story is about a dolphin who gets caught in a fisherman's trap and loses his tail. The dolphin, Winter, is found by a boy who makes a connection with the dolphin. The dolphin is taken to a rehabilitation center for sea animals, and the movie follows the dolphins journey to recovery and the lives of all those who are helping him.

The main characters, besides Winter the dolphin, in this movie include the boy, Sawyer-played by Nathan Gamble, his mom, played by Ashley Judd, the vet-played by Harry Connick Jr and his daughter, played by Cozi Zuehlsorff.

Again, kind of like Moneyball, the story really plays the movie more than the actors. The movie was well played and all the characters were very natural in their roles. I like Harry Connick in movies, he is sort of a low key natural. I was pretty impressed with Cozi, who played the 11 year old daughter. She will probably be seen in more movies in the future I am guessing.

My kids really like the movie as well. An inspiring story, and neat to see the real clips at the end as well as find the website following Winter's progress.

Highly recommended family movie with good vibes and happy endings! See you soon

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