Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bonus Review: Contagion

My husband and I decided to take in the AMC Cinema Suites last week and went to the movie Contagion. This was a movie Tiff and I were hoping to see, so I decided I would write up a review, hopefully Tiff will get to it as well.

I think the most impressionable thing about this movie wasn't necessarily the acting. I actually think it could have been somewhat of a documentary. No one actor really stuck out to me. Gwyneth Paltrow played a rather little and insignificant part in my mind. (ok, so not insignificant, rather limited movie time and not significant as an actor) Matt Damon did a good job, but again, it was really the story that made the movie. The unfolding of a contagious disease and the speed at which it can spread worldwide. The whole idea was pretty scary, even working in the healthcare field, I found myself becoming a little germaphobic. (Not to mention both my husband and I decided this movie wasn't the best for a dinner theatre atmosphere)

I think the impressionable thing about this movie was really just the realization that what we see in the news, regarding mass deaths from diseases can actually be so much worse than we imagine. Also, that behind it all the government can be extremely controlling and make our lives seem so insignificant..when they shouldn't.

I recommend this movie more for the message. Again, the acting was pretty insignificant to me...anyone could have played in it and I would have walked out feeling the same way.

Go see it, or rent it, but don't eat while you watch it!

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