Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 36: Warrior

What an unexpected surprise with this movie.  Warrior definitely was more than I thought it would be.  When I saw the previews I thought it looked good but I didn't really think we'd choose it over other movies.  When we saw that there was a free prescreening we jumped on it.  Because, hey, who wouldn't go to a free movie?  Boy am I glad we did. 

As Deb said, this was a Rockyish type movie but amped up for this generation.  Instead of straight-up boxing it was like UFC.  Didn't realize this going in but it ended up being a nice deviation from the same old boxing story.  If this movie was only about the training and fights leading up to the big match it would have been great.  There's nothing like a good motivational sports story.  Warrior had all those parts and more.  But the thing that set it apart was the relationships between these two brothers and their father and how they developed.  I loved that it didn't lay everything out.  You had to be patient to find out what the full story was behind these three "troubled" men's lives. 

Nick Nolte was really the only well known actor in this movie.  I agree with Deb that it really worked well not having some big A lister in the movie.  Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy all played their roles perfectly.  What is it about strong, silent, troubled men that really gets you hooked?  Jennifer Morrison played the wife well and Frank Grillo as the trainer was really exceptional.   

So yes, this was one of the better movies that we've seen this year.  Who would have thought?  Go see it.  This is one that I think men and women alike will love.

To Sum it up:  Intense characters, intense relationships and adrenaline galore.

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