Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 24: Thor

This weekend we went and saw Thor.  I would have never pegged myself for liking superhero movies so well but I have to admit that the last couple I've seen I've really liked.  This was no exception.  This movie was actually really entertaining. 

The main character, Thor, was played by Chris Hemsworth.  I've never seen him before but he really was spot on.  He had the body, look and personality for the role.  Thanks to my sister-in-law, we were also scoping him out to play Jamie in the Outlander series.  Not that there's a movie coming out or anything.  But if there was, he'd be perfect.  Just slap a Scottish accent on him and voila.  But that's beside the point. 

And again, Natalie Portman.  I can't believe she's in another movie.  Seriously, how many has she been in?  She was really good too.  I'm always a little surprise how funny she can be.  I thought she had a good mix in this movie. 

The plot was about two battling planets, one good one bad.  Thor, from the good planet, was suppose to be King but his dad banished him to teach him a lesson.  He ends up on earth, meeting Natalie's character scientist Jane.  The main gist is while Thor is on earth the good planet is in trouble.  Thor learns his lesson about being too arrogant and finds a way back to his planet to save the day.  In the meantime, he falls in love with Jane.  Even though the love story aspect was quick and a little shallow it still worked in this movie.  The action and humor made up for it.  I would definitely recommend this movie.

To Sum it up: Great cast, good amount of humor and thoroughly entertaining.  

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