Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bonus Review: Cars 2

This week I got to see two movies.  It happens sometimes.  Do I feel slightly guilty or gluttonous when I see two movies in one week?  Maybe a little.  But it was for the betterment of my child.  How could I not take my boy to see Cars 2 on opening weekend?  You know how many times I've seen the first one?  Many.  Very many.  It only seemed right.

I have to say this was a pretty good one.  One reason I thought it was so good was because it actually felt like a real story and seemed to last just as long as a non-animated movie.   Also, it didn't have as much of that fall down humor that kids seem to dig so much.  For this very reason I was worried that Rhett might get bored with it.  He didn't laugh out loud quite as much as he did with Kung Fu Panda 2 but not once did I hear, "Is it almost over?".  And when it was over he said he loved it.  He also said he wanted to be a spy.  A ninja spy to be exact.

Speaking of spies, that was the whole gist of this Cars.  It had a James Bond thing going on.  And it focused on Mator more.  One thing I thought was amazing in this movie was the scenery.  There were scenes when they were in Italy that I could have sworn looked real.  The detail was really awesome.  Fun movie for kids and adults.

To Sum it up: Kid friendly, adult friendly and top notch animation.     

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