Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 25: X-MEN First Class

X-men First Class was our movie of the week! A winner! If you are an x-men enthusiast, this one will definately rank up there for you. I was introduced to X-Men when I married, 17 years ago..Somehow we ended up with a collection of X-Men comic books and in our first years of marriage, woke up on Sat A.M. to watch X-men. Surprisingly I always liked the storyline and premise. On the surface I suppose it just seems like another comic hero type of film. However, I kind of like the message behind it all. This is my take...we encourage uniqueness, yet look for sameness, we are outcasts if we are too different and have to have a lot of inner strength and support to live as we truely are....different, yet the same. (ok so I am no poet, but still..good message)

This movie had a good variety of actors, many were quite noteworthy and really none dissappointed me in their performances. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones (really?) and a whole bunch of other great folks! The movie was fast paced, kept me entertained and interested, and most importantly for me....told a story that leads up to many other good stories...or in other words, gives a good history of X-Men and how they came to be!

I have to say the only shocker...there were kids (young kids!! like 3 year olds) at this movie. Okay, the movie is good, but not appropriate for kids under 10, a little on the violent side for a young child. Just my opinion....

Good movie, good cast and recommended!! See you next week

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